Tucker Carlson's frightening summation of what's happening in America

On his Monday Fox News program, Tucker Carlson spelled out what America's corporate overlords are doing in America.  Essentially, they are "de-personing" anyone who dares to question what happened in America on November 3–8 or who even supports Trump.  In a world run on computers, they are unplugging everyone who does not toe their party line.

I will not link to the video on YouTube because that site is one of the major tech monopolists silencing all who dissent from their political beliefs.  I also can't embed Fox videos here.  However, you can see Tucker's entire monologue here.

The usually ebullient Tucker is manifestly upset, even angry at what's happening in America.  As we all must now, to protect ourselves, he opens by stating that his show immediately and repeatedly denounced the violence at the Capitol (true) because his show is completely opposed to political violence and supports law and order.

He then castigated the new selective enforcement of laws, which means they're not laws or justice at all.  They are merely tyrannical whims. What's happening now is collective punishment, attacking Americans who had nothing to do with events at the Capitol.

One after another, Tucker details the corporate attacks on people who dared attend or listen to the Trump rally — people who had nothing to do with what happened at the Capitol.  (We here at American Thinker also condemn strongly the small number of people who engaged in violent and manifestly illegal activity.  We believe absolutely in the Constitution and the rule of law.  That doesn't mean that we don't believe that there were Antifa and other provocateurs in D.C. intentionally inflaming people and inducing them to act illegally.)

Back to Tucker...

PayPal suspended the account of a group that paid for Trump-supporters to travel to Washington. Rocker Ariel Pink's record label dropped him for attending the rally.  A flight attendants' union has demanded that all "insurrectionists" no longer be allowed to travel commercially anywhere in the United States.

And what's an "insurrectionist"?  According to a letter from congressional Democrats, "it is anyone who sympathizes with what happened on Wednesday."

Everyone should be afraid of this definition and its consequences.  People should push back, but corporate America is piling on, instead.  People who control our money, health, and ability to travel are nailing anyone who questions the election.

Democrats are now trying to eject all congresspeople who asked to have an audit of the election.  Tucker points out that, beginning in 2000, Democrats routinely objected to Electoral College certifications, except that it wasn't "insurrection" then.  These same corporate oligarchs (yes, oligarchs, just as in Russia) are also making it impossible to donate money to the Republican politicians who did what their Democrat peers did in past years.  It's a new standard that cuts only one way.

The new ruling class also wants to destroy people's livelihoods.  A Forbes editor announced that any company that hires someone from the Trump administration will pre-emptively be assumed to be corrupt.  Joe McCarthy could only have dreamed of this level of guilt by association.

Tucker notes that the irony of a Biden administration is that Americans were encouraged to vote for him because they'd get normalcy.  Theoretically, that would include normalcy from the unending hysteria and violence leftists brought to the Trump administration.  Democrats were daily encouraging Americans to attack Trump and his supporters — and one man took that invitation up and tried to assassinate a huge group of Republican congresspeople, almost killing Steve Scalise.

Back then, corporations said nothing and did nothing about violence.  Instead, they fell over themselves funding Black Lives Matter organizations — and cheerfully funded bailing out violent BLM protesters.  (Kamala Harris approved, as she approves of censoring opposing political ideas.)  Something big and bad is happening in America, as overwhelmingly powerful corporations, who aren't answerable to anybody and who have the government in their pockets, go on a rampage against half of America.

Biden added fuel by comparing Sens. Cruz and Hawley to Goebbels.  Pelosi is also urging disunity, explicitly race-baiting.  And here's the important point: they have to do this because they built their party on a foundation by dividing Americans into inherently oppositional special interest groups.  The only way to keep those groups together is to make sure they still hate you.

There's more, but I'm out of space — and you really need to watch the whole thing here.

Image: Tucker Carlson.  Fox News screen grab.

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