Trump calls for peace, tells demonstrators to go home and Twitter removes the post, suspends his account

The new party line that social media and the propaganda narrative media are enforcing is that any questioning of the fairness of the past presidential election amounts to incitement to violence.  Apparently using that illogic as a basis, Jack Dorsey's Twitter actually censored a video that President Trump posted, calling for demonstrators to go home and be peaceful.

That sort of thinking would lead to Twitter suspending the accounts of anyone complaining about racial injustice, since Black Lives Matter demonstrations have wrought so much damage on so many cities, in the name of racial justice.  The same standards never apply to leftists and conservatives when Twitter is censoring.

It's almost as if they want to falsely portray him as inciting violence...ya think?

Even ABC noted the deletion, though it ignored the call to peace:

Twitter screen grab.

Twitter is demanding that President Trump remove two tweets — the same behavior it used in suppressing the New York Post's accurate account of Hunter Biden's incriminating laptop — before his account is restored.  I can't imagine that he will do so, so the exit of conservatives from Twitter and onto Parler will be accelerated.  This will primarily have the effect of isolating conservatives from the rest of the public and protecting liberals and middle-of-the-roaders from exposure to what Dorsey believes to be wrongthink, as Orwell put it.