Those who celebrate the Biden presidency will be disappointed

Doubtless, they did what they honestly believe is right.  I respect that, and I hope they continue to always do what they sincerely believe in.  I know they despise Donald Trump, and for reasons they believe justifies it.  

In my moment of defeat — crushing defeat — I will make a few predictions.

Those who are opposed to the atrocity of abortion, and especially to partial-birth and even post-birth abortion, will soon see that those whom you celebrate will continue, and even expand, these barbaric practices.  Moreover, they will see the oppression of those who refuse to support these acts.  They will see the Little Sisters of the Poor bankrupted by fines and penalties.  

Those who are opposed to avoidable wars will see the armed might of the United States turned against enemies who are evil people, but not threats to our nation.  They will see countless Americans sacrificed on the altars of the military-industrial complex, while their orphans and widows weep for them.

Those who believe in the sanctity of family will see the definition of family twisted and distorted until they no longer recognize the concept.  Worse yet, they will be compelled to celebrate these mutilations, because the right to not be offended trumps the right of conscience.  

Those who believe that the United States should be the protector of weak, vulnerable nations, will see military aggression against the nations of the East, aggression by an emboldened Communist China.  Literally millions will die.  

Those who believe in the sanctity of honest work will see the labor of their countrymen cheapened by the massive influx of people who have no respect for our laws and no awareness of our history and culture.  Minimum wages mean nothing to those who cannot find jobs.  

Those who would protect the environment will see rising fuel prices that cripple our ability to innovate technology to protect the environment, while our industries move to nations that profusely pollute the water and air of our planet.  

I could go on, but my point is simple.  Honestly, I don’t know how this can be corrected.  Once authoritarians take power, they never relinquish it voluntarily.  However, the first step to a remedy is simply to refuse to celebrate them.  

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.