The Wall Street Journal's editorial page joins Nancy Pelosi in calling on President Trump to resign

In the Wall Street Journal's top editorial on Friday, titled "Trump's Final Days," the paper's editors wrote:

The best outcome would be for [President Trump] to resign to spare the U.S another impeachment fight.

It's rubbish.

The media and other Democrats have called Trump unfit for office and called for his impeachment since before he took office, so it is nothing new for House speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to call for a new one. 

The first time they impeached Trump was because he called on Ukraine to investigate the corrupt Biden family.  It would be malfeasance for a president to look the other way if a politician in the United States lines his family's pockets with kickbacks because of his powerful position.

For four years, the media and other Democrats have spread the lie about Russian collusion and claimed that Trump was a puppet of Putin, who worked hand in hand with him to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.  Yet, in the division that followed, this is all Trump's fault for dividing the country.

For the last few years, the media and other Democrats, including President-Elect Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, have knowingly spread the lie about what Trump said at Charlottesville, claiming he praised neo-Nazis as good people.  It was nothing but their bid to gin up hate and division, yet Trump is responsible for the division.

For four years the media and other Democrats have called Trump and his supporters every vicious name in the book to gin up hate and division, but it is Trump's fault that there is division.

Throughout 2020, there were violent protests with looting and arson, yet these crimes were widely supported by most of the media and other Democrats.  Not only were they supported; they were called mostly peaceful and understandable.  Harris and her pals actually advocated for donating cash to bail out the criminals.

Business leaders and groups are ripping Trump and outraged about what occurred in D.C. on Wednesday, but they remained mostly silent as mom-and-pop businesses were destroyed throughout the year and police were threatened, injured, and even killed.  They didn't care when anarchists took over part of Seattle.  They not only didn't care, but contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to the groups committing the violence.

These business groups have mostly sat silently by as tyrannical politicians have locked down so many without scientific evidence to support the lockdowns.  They all pretend to care about the poor, the children, minorities, small businesses, and others as they intentionally destroy and bankrupt them.  Democrats have never cared about corporations and profits, so why do they care what they say now?

Trump probably held at least fifty rallies throughout the year with aggressive language against the establishment, and they were peaceful until this one, where a small percentage of people turned violent, and Trump is somehow blamed for this and told to resign or be impeached?  Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are also supposedly responsible?  No one complained when Democrats protested in 2005 and 2017 on the electoral votes.

Yesterday, Biden said there is unequal justice in the U.S.  I agree.  Hillary and all the other members of the Obama/Biden crime family got off scot-free, no matter how many crimes they committed.

The greatest threat to our freedom, democracy, and prosperity came when Obama/Biden used the puppet Justice Department and a fake dossier paid for by the DNC and Hillary to target a political opponent for defeat while protecting their career corrupt criminal, Hillary, for president.

We are repeatedly told that under Biden, the Justice Department will be independent again.  What a joke!  Under Obama attorneys-general Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, Obama/Biden controlled whom the Justice Department went after and whom they let off.

President Trump sought to give the power, purse, and freedom back to the people throughout his term and helped lift people of all races and all education levels up the economic ladder, and he was fought every day by Democrats and Democrat campaign workers posing as reporters.

Biden/Harris and the Democrats support moving more power and money to the powerful government and are supported every step of the way by most of the compliant, complicit media, who are essentially puppets repeating talking points.

So spare me if I treat the WSJ and others with disdain as they trash Trump and his supporters and lecture us.  They have relinquished their influence by what they have done for several years and decades.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain.