The truth will set you free

When people tell you who they are, listen.     

Joe Biden:

“We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

I believe that despite what the media and the left, but I repeat myself, have said, this was a quote that was not taken out of context nor was it a simple slip of the tongue.

I believe, for once, Biden spoke the truth.   

The election was stolen, we know they stole it, they know we know they stole it.

Watching images of thousands of National Guard soldiers in and around the Capitol with orders to use lethal force while policing a razor wire parameter points to it.

Media chatter about insurrection and the “credible” FBI predictions of violence in all 50 states, well, that to me proves the election was stolen, and they know we know.  One simply does not have to secure the Capitol when elections are free and fair.

The purge of conservative thought and the desire to implement a Ministry of Truth can leave no doubt of the theft and the plans for the future.

This is not a peaceful transition of power; this is the activity of third-world dictators.  This is a presidency based on power taken in a coup in the greatest country the world has ever known while our leaders and media turn a blind eye to it while silencing and ridiculing those who dare to look.

Joe Biden:

"There is a need for bold action to fight this pandemic, we're still facing a very dark winter."

Joe Biden was truthful; a dark winter is coming.  I would have never believed that what we witnessed would ever happen in America.  I was wrong and indeed, we are facing a dark winter.

I fear that the Republic, if not dead, is well on the way. The death is of course endorsed by a vast majority of our elected leaders, left and right.  A darkness has enclosed them.

I do not see a path that leads from this darkness, yet it may still be there.  Trump helped us find a path once, perhaps he will again.  Perhaps we can hold onto the Republic long enough to find that path out of Biden’s dark winter.

Time will tell and one thing is for certain, in time, all truths will be revealed.  That at least is a flicker of light in the distance and it gives me hope.  Hope that the truth will be revealed and that we can find the path out of Biden's dark winter.  That we can find leaders willing to enter the light and bring about real election reform while exposing what happened in Biden’s dark winter.    

I am certain that is the only hope we have to save and protect the Republic.

The other thing that I’m certain about is that when people tell you who they are, listen.    

Biden told us all exactly who he was and what they were going to do.  Let us all find that flicker of light and truth and be led from this darkness.

And listen.

Image: Pixabay

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