The times of Trump

How to make sense of it?

Donald Trump is the best communicator.

He speaks to the soul of patriots ready for a leader who truly cares about:

  • Putting American citizens and all our concerns first rather than lifting up other countries/peoples first.
  • Draining the swamp of old crony, deep state, globalist think, as well as big money influences.
  • Calling out the 1st Amendment-censoring fake news and big tech.

Donald Trump is the worst communicator.

His words always assume that the listener is indeed a same-minded patriot, tuned in and anxious to truly Making America Great Again like him.  No filter.  All brash, even to the point of obvious overpromise and unnecessary braggadocio.  His sentence structure and phrasing is wide open for left-leaning propagandists to snip and cut completely misleading, unrepresentative quotes to feed the narrative that he is somewhere between ‘unstable’ and ‘dangerous.’

Donald Trump is the best president

The list is long but suffice to say that he made everyone re-recognize the perspective that God, family, country, and individual responsibility must be the focus of any society that wants to grow humankind.  If any president tries to take away any of the four, our society begins its crumble.  Trump is not perfect, far from it, but his four-pillar perspective is absolutely foundational for recognizing him to be one of our greatest leaders.

Donald Trump is the worst president

No.  By far no.  All Americans are better for his tenure.

Oh, there are gripes:

  • Not fiscally conservative. However, a dysfunctional Congress will never give a president a chance to show true creds.
  • Reacting to every attack, whereas silence many times would have quickly starved the attack of oxygen.
  • Fighting almost every fight as a personal affront.
  • Wearing his emotions on his sleeve.

Every great human in history has a common theme: Although an imperfect person, he/she took the correct long-term stand, proclaimed that stand loudly, and followed thru with admirable, even epic actions.  I believe Donald Trump’s story reflects that almost perfectly.

With humble gratitude to Dickens: It is the best of times.  It is the worst of times.

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