The scales have fallen

When rot enters a healthy body and its defenses are not aroused, that body's survival depends only upon the life cycle of the disease.  Our Republic lives now at the sufferance of its illness.  Its inborn defenses and immunities have been neutralized, allowing it to sink progressively into dissolution and death.

With our major media outlets becoming the handmaidens of a party without scruples or principles in its quest for power and control, and without countervailing powers of investigation and prosecution from a corrupted FBI and Justice Department, it has become almost meaningless to pursue judicial review to even test the probity and sincerity of our judicial system.  Our benighted and ass-backwards response to the COVID-19 plague has left our entire nation without a political immune system to protect us. 

The prescription to make and keep us healthy was written nearly 250 years ago in our founding documents.  That prescription, so brief and so uncomplicated, is our Constitution, embodying millennia of trial-and-error efforts to govern the unruly human spirit — to govern and advance that spirit.  We ignore it at our peril.

The Constitution is more than a collection of somewhat antique-sounding rules and instructions.  Like all precious and revered documents, it sits at the center of an ocean of commentaries and elucidations based upon its remarkable inspiration.  Always much more than just words on parchment, the formulae and recipes we have derived this past two and a half centuries must be prepared with fealty and respect to the spirit of the original to keep us in health and safety.

We now find ourselves on the slippery slope to communism (which is simply realized socialism).  It's true that the Soviet Union had a constitution, as does the PRC for today's China.  Unfortunately, it's foolish to equate those documents with the United States Constitution.  The underlying premises are very different, with the first Americans placing their call to authenticity upon an Almighty Divine Spirit, or Creator, who has ordained human rights and responsibilities as "unalienable" — that is, absolute and not granted by government or other human beings.

Coupled with this, the U.S. Constitution is fundamentally built upon a foundation of competition and struggle, and we enter its domain as a realm where we can seek to realize its and our own aspirations through our sincere labors.  The context we work in is divine, but we are our own work in progress.

Only the absolutists of socialism-communism-fascism and other such movements, including those invoking the blessings of Heaven, set out to regiment how you must live, feel, and think.  We must remember this distinction, for it is the root of our freedom.

Decades have now passed with our inattention, as many of the important and determinative institutions of our country, such as education, the courts, and entertainment, have slid in an increasingly fashionable leftish direction.  As we used to say, "you snooze, you lose."  But we've had a lot of help in this slide, with Washington, D.C. greasing the skids in incalculable ways until Donald John Trump broke like a thunderclap upon our lives, awakening hope and renewal in the vast majority of our citizens and striking fear and paranoia in the hearts and minds of our native fifth column Reds and fellow travelers.  They had come so close to quietly turning our country on its head into yet another Socialist Paradise and joining up with the new Internationale. 

However, this unhappy crew of takeover artists had a bagful of proven tricks and strategies.

1) Turn the media into a 24/7 imitation of Pravda, bitterly and falsely attacking Trump;

2) Marshall their toadies in government to fabricate and leak scurrilous charges;

3) Claim foreign election-rigging and try for four years to overturn his election;

4) Adopt charges of racism as a substitute for policy and political argument;

5) Set loose a destructive army of black-clad bullies and hooligans to frighten and intimidate citizens and politicians;

6) Hide behind a "plague" to bypass the normal rules for fair elections.

If this wasn't enough, wake the dead and vote every cemetery in the country until they got the count they needed.

Oh, dear — what to do now?

We must turn over every stone and expose the rot under our feet.  We must communicate with every state that broke faith with our Constitution and with fellow citizens nationwide by not making its voter system incorruptible.  We must support every politician who's willing to keep faith with our Constitution and people and work against all those who won't, regardless of party.

The left are incapable of being "woke."  They have been hypnotized, rather, by repeated lies, slogans, and rewritten history.  We are the truly woke now, and we must not even dare to doze again.  Seventy-five million and more of us across this beautiful land of warriors and heroes came out to vote for a man willing to break things and tell the truth, and we know that there are many millions more standing behind us who will step up and join us now.  "The scales have fallen from my eyes and I see the fearful precipice on which I stand."

Tricia Henry is the pen name of an old political hand who has engaged in the political wars at many levels on both coasts.

Graphic credit: Anne Smith Twitter icon.

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