The ruling class beat Trump. Now it's salting the earth.

Donald Trump has the distinction of being the first challenger to our political ruling class in my lifetime.  This ruling class is not strictly party-related.  It comprises a broad array of Democrats (almost all of them), Republicans (a significant number of them), the media (the propaganda ministry), and bureaucrats (those faceless government employees who formed the "resistance" against the will of the people).

The Donald challenged their power, and now they're exacting their revenge.  Whether fairly or fraudulently, he's been defeated for re-election, but that's not enough.  Now his legacy must be destroyed and his supporters crushed.  The ruling class is determined to ensure that no form of Trumpism or any challenge to their authority ever rises again.

Ancient mythology holds that conquering armies would salt the earth of beaten civilizations.  This salting was a curse to forestall any future re-habitation.  It was meant to ensure that a beaten civilization would never again challenge the victor.  The beaten were to stay beaten.

We've reached the "salt the earth" stage of the ruling class's victory over the Trump movement.  Democrats are demanding that President Trump be removed from office, via impeachment or the 25th Amendment — just two weeks before the end of his term.  Twitter has banned him for life.  Representative Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) has even submitted legislation to prohibit federal buildings from ever being named after Donald Trump.  It's not enough that he was defeated for re-election; he must also be humiliated.  There's even a report that a U.S. attorney is conducting a criminal investigation into whether Donald Trump incited a riot with his speech on January 6.  Is it so unbelievable that Donald Trump could be indicted after leaving office?  Isn't it alarming that an indictment, for making a speech, is even conceivable?  But after seeing him impeached for a phone call, it doesn't seem so incredible, does it?

As for his followers, they're going to get theirs, too.  We're seeing that in the coverage of the January 6 U.S. Capitol protest.  It's being billed as an unprecedented violent assault on our democracy.  We don't know yet who caused the violence, and there is some doubt that it was instigated by the Trump-supporters.  But there was nothing unprecedented about it.  Violent protests torched Washington, D.C. on the day of Donald Trump's inauguration — with never a single word of condemnation from any Democrat.  This is the ruling class working in conjunction with their propaganda ministry to create the narrative that Trump-supporters are all unhinged lunatics.  And since they're all unhinged lunatics, the flight attendants' union is now demanded that everyone in attendance at the January 6 protest be placed on the "no fly list."  Why is it not disturbing to everyone that this would even be considered a reasonable response to a political protest?

The ruling class's message is clear: "challenge us again at your own peril."

In just a few short years, U.S. politics has taken a disturbing turn.  Politics is no longer the competition of ideas.  For the ruling class, conservatives are no longer political opponents; we are enemies of the state.  Calls for unity and civility are transparently hypocritical.  Our rulers don't want unity; they want submission.

Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for our rulers, we still value liberty above all else.  Will things stay peaceful?  I hope so.  But only time will tell.  The only certainty is that we the people will prevail.  Buckle up.

John Green is a retired engineer with over 40 years of experience in the defense and oil exploration industries.  His career has spanned the areas of product development, quality, organizational development, and corporate strategic planning.  He can be reached at

Image: analogicus via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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