Some rather cowardly White House resignations

The press was having a field day bashing President Trump in noting the resignations and withdrawals from his White House of some rather cowardly officials.

According to 'Dear Diary' Jim Acosta, in a tweet

FLOTUS chief of staff and former press sec Stephanie Grisham has submitted her resignation,

@KateBennett_DC reporting.
And this is what Twitter itself noted in its events item, no link, headlined:
Four White House staffers resign following violence at US Capitol
Four White House officials have handed in their resignations after a pro-Trump mob stormed the US Capitol in Washington, DC. According to a Bloomberg report, Deputy National Security Adviser Matt Pottinger resigned on Wednesday afternoon. The First Lady's Chief of Staff, Stephanie Grisham, White House Social Secretary Rickie Niceta and Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews all quit on Wednesday as well. In a statement, Matthews said she was "deeply disturbed by what I saw today" and emphasized the importance of "a peaceful transfer of power." Photo via @Reuters
Someone like Matthews is kind of a low level person to be releasing "a statement," public relations being her stock in trade. Obviously, she's looking for another job, and the statement is a bid to prove to the swamp that she's still hireable and one of them. What a thing to do in the wake of a transition when she ought to be helping the others out instead of thumping out like an elephant and leaving the others to do her work.
Principled? Don't think so. She was leaving the post anyway. The resignation 'statement' is just a lot of grandstanding.
Mick Mulvaney joined the crowd and left an empty spot, too, according to the New York Post.
And it's sad, because many voters are angry about losing their president to election fraud, which is what her 'statement' should have been about. That's the actual reason she's looking for another job, but fine and dandy to blame Trump voters and the misguided actions of a few, with chaos at the Capitol quite possibly led by Antifa provocateurs, as the big reason instead. She couldn't even denounce Antifa?
It seems to be the same with the other people, all of whom are providing fodder for the press about mass resignations as a means of pinning something new on President Trump and his White House as 'chaos.' Trump was the victim of a crime, many crimes, actually, yet now we have these grand resignations of principle from people who were already on the way out.
It's kind of disgusting. It's in the same category as congressional leaders who vowed to stand up for electoral integrity and contest the electors from fraud-plagued states, and then after the Capitol was breached, changed their minds and stood up for Joe Biden. Suddenly, fraud wasn't so important. But electoral fraud remains the real issue, and why the election should have had a few objections, well beyond whether it's Trump or Biden. They missed their train and rare chance to show they stood for free and fair elections.
Yet all of this is billed in the press as standing up for principles. Principles? Of what? 
Image credit: Pixabay public domain