Rush Limbaugh tells Americans, 'Wake the hell up!'

I was radio host Rush Limbaugh's last caller yesterday and asked him a question on behalf of millions of Trump supporters: "where do we go from here?" (call transcript).

Rush's first response was to "keep the faith," but then he seemed to cynically point out his perceived problems with the Republicans' response to a stolen election and how anyone could be so "woefully naïve" as not to believe that traditional politics has been changed forever.

He wondered "what the hell happened" when two known communists were elected to the Senate in Georgia, being that Georgia has been a strong red state for many years.

He implied that those two wins in Georgia don't bode well for Republicans in 2022.

Rush seemed kind of frustrated at the end of his response to my question and simply answered that Americans had better "wake the hell up" and "understand what we're up against."

He finally reached for optimism, saying he still thinks we have the ability to outnumber the leftists but that "blindness and ignorance" may mark the point of no return for too many people.

So I implore every person who reads this to WAKE THE HELL UP — and do not go gently into that good night!

Rally together and stand for liberty and freedom!

Organize and protest peacefully against the tyranny of the left!

Let's make the Tea Party look like a backyard picnic!

Image credit: Gage Skidmore via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.