RIP, Republican Party

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Yesterday, during the Democrat-led congressional impeachment proceedings of President Trump, Republican House minority leader Kevin McCarthy declared that "[t]he president bears responsibility for Wednesday's attack on Congress."

Also, yesterday, Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said he had "not made a final decision on how I will vote" on impeachment.  The Associated Press also reported that Sen. McConnell believes that the president is guilty of committing impeachable offenses. 

I have attended several Trump rallies and listened to his speech in Washington last Wednesday.  In all of President Trump's rally speeches I have never inferred rhetoric inciteful to riot or violence.  The president's speech I watched in Washington was not at all different.

My brother was at the rally in Washington and got within a few feet of a couple of places where people were fighting police and breaking windows and entering the Capitol.  He observed Antifa types dispersed in the crowd as the ones instigating the crowd to push forward and breach the barricades.  As he got closer to the building, he also observed several Trump-supporters trying to stop people from breaking into the building and fighting police.

While there were some Trump-supporters involved in fighting police and entering the Capitol, it was clear that they were incited in a coordinated effort.  While this is no excuse for their actions, it's a fact that some people are predisposed to give in to incitement in highly stressful situations.  There are many other witnesses who have told the same story.

What happened at the Capitol was wrong and tragic, but it was not incited by President Trump.

Over the last five years, at a couple of hundred Trump rallies, there were zero riots.  Period!

Over the last year, across the country, BLM and Antifa "peaceful protests" erupted into 220 riots, resulting in 30 people being killed, 2,000 policemen injured, multiple attacks on police stations and federal buildings, public and federal property vandalized, minority communities and businesses destroyed, and portions of cities taken over by force.

And just who was to blame for these deadly riots?  Not one Democrat politician who voiced wholehearted support for BLM or any other high-profile liberal media or Hollywood type.  And certainly not Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, both of whom have the full support of BLM and Antifa.

And what were the consequences for BLM and Antifa as a result of all the riots, death, and destruction?  Community leaders defunded the police.  Leftist media and Democrat politicians applauded and encouraged their actions and encouraged compliance with their cause.  Corporations gave millions to their cause.  Big Tech applauded their actions and censored all opposition and condemnation of their actions.  And citizens put yard signs in their yards to promote their cause.

There are hundreds of incidents of double-standards and blatant hypocrisy by leftists Democrats and their media and corporate supporters, but the time for pointing it out as the only defense the Republican Party can muster is over.

It's just as Nancy Pelosi says: "people will do what they do."

So I, along with probably millions of other Trump-supporters, who feel personally betrayed by both GOP rep. McCarthy, Senate GOP leader McConnell, and a host of other feckless congressional Republicans, "will do what we do" and leave the Republican Party.  

And I'm fairly sure there are about 50 or 60 million other disgruntled Republicans who will be on board with this movement.

Let's roll!

Graphic: Public domain graphic modified by Thomas Lifson.

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