Rep. Joaquin Castro launches a bid to keep President Trump's name off public buildings

Rep. Joaquin Castrro (D-Texas), who was last seen in the news doxxing and harassing his constituents, holding them up to public shame for the "crime" of supporting President Trump, has a new means of proving his Trump-hating vindictiveness: by putting up legislation to mandate that President Trump's name can't go up on any public buildings.

According to The Hill:

Democratic Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro announced in a tweet Thursday that he would be introducing legislation that would prevent any federal buildings or property from ever being named after President Trump.

"President Trump incited an insurrection that damaged some our nation's most significant and sacred federal property," he wrote. "Donald Trump should never become a future generation's confederate symbol."

The Democratic representative also said in his tweets that he supported efforts to remove Trump from office, with only days left in his presidential term.

Apparently, he's afraid that Trump isn't quite so discredited as the media are reporting and wants to put a legal roadblock out there with force of law to stop it.

That's because people get their names onto public buildings usually by some measure of acclamation, by public sentiment, by some manifestation of what the public wants.  If that happens, Castro wants to be the pre-emptive cancel-culturer to stop it.  Obviously, he sees a lot of public sentiment leaning in favor of President Trump, and like a good leftist, he wants a law out there against it, smothering people's feelings, which, again, is the driver of moves to name buildings like these.

Not only does it point to a hard, mean, vindictive streak — it also points to an essential personal pettiness.

This guy lies awake at night frizzling his brain away at the thought of a building being named after President Trump.  He must burn with fury that even Trump's own real estate buildings have his name on them.  A building with Trump's name on it, to him, is an outrage.

Yet it's pretty petty compared to the monster efforts by other leftists to topple and destroy President Trump going on right now on Capitol Hill. 

Yet it's completely in character for this small, vicious, vindictive little man, a veritable mouse with ambitions of becoming a rat.

Castro, recall, is the creep who doxxed his own constituents in 2019, putting out a McCarthyite-style list of 44 small-time donors from his native San Antonio who had the temerity to donate to the campaign of President Trump.  He wanted to ruin them.  In the process, he was so blinded by his hate of Trump that he failed to realize that he had doxxed six of his own donors, who gave cash both to him and to Trump.  For that, he made himself a laughingstock.

His tactics as he doxxed mirrored those of Fusion GPS, which had a history of digging around in garbage cans in places like Idaho, to find dirt on other small fry donors who donated to Republicans.  This was done during the 2012 Mitt Romney campaign against President Obama.  I wrote about that here and here.  Not surprisingly, Castro was a curiously loud defender in Congress of Fusion GPS's most famous faulty product, the bogus Steele dossier.

Bottom line: Castro likes the petty, dirty stuff, particularly if it has a whiff of Andrey Vishinsky or the KGB.

But just because his targets are small, that's no reason not to recognize this as a serious kind of moral rot.  The targets of his motivating grievances are small, but the effect of them is not.  He wants everyone out there to be doxxing and spying on neighbors, no matter how small, to create an atmosphere of terror and groupthink, diversity of thought not allowed.  His lodestar is his hatred of President Trump.  Every last person who voted for Trump is ultimately his target, and they had better not name a building after him.

He's actually more dangerous than the fanatics elsewhere in Congress yelling in that coup-like way of theirs about ousting President Trump, because he's partial to harassing and discomfiting the little guy.

So now he wants to make sure that no public buildings are named after Trump, telling future legislators what they are allowed to think and name and finance.  They are not to have thoughts of their own; they've got to think exactly as he does. 

Yet it's also petty in another way.  It's that he seeks to pre-emptively rewrite history.  It's rather like the Stalin dictatorship of the Soviet Union, which sought to rewrite its own history by erasing disfavored people from official photographs and the annals of the Soviets' history.  Castro wants Trump's name erased and dis-remembered from any public monument, pre-emptively, in the same spirit as that of Stalin whiting out images of Trotsky and the recent movement to take down Confederate statues.  Castro can't bear that anyone might see something differently and name a building or a highway or an aircraft carrier after President Trump at some day in the future.  He wants instead to arbitrate the verdict of history, pre-emptively, statically, and frigidly, from his miserable little perch.

In his shriveled little heart, he knows for sure that history is going to be kind to President Trump, who, unlike him, did so much good for the people.

Image credit: RIA-Novosti via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 3.0.

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