Questions for Democrats

Now that the steal is complete, President Biden is coming into office on January 20, 2021.  That said, I'm going to need some help from my Democrat friends with some questions from a former Deplorable.

1. Do I have to accept the election results, or can I cry for four years, claiming election interference?

2. Whom do I contact to see if Republicans are boycotting the inauguration, as the Democrats did for President Trump?

3. Can I borrow the #NotMyPresident, hashtag or is that reserved for President Trump?

4. Am I entitled to see Biden's tax returns to learn how his income jumped dramatically in one year?  (I mean, we all know the how and the why.  Just looking for the proof.)

5. Am I allowed to trash-talk anything Biden says, without repercussion, because I'm just expressing myself, and can I hang a decapitated Biden head in effigy, or is that verboten?

6. Is there a sign-up somewhere for riots?  Do organizers call me, or how does that work, since I didn't get my way?

7. Will Soros pay me if I troll Democrat sites, or does that work only one way?

8. Speaking of Soros trolls, are businesses targeted because they support Biden, or do I just pick a business that has something I want to take home for free?

9. By the way, does all the free stuff your party has promised just come straight away, or do I have to quit my job first?

10. Where are the safe spaces?  Is there a map or something?  I may need to go cry for a little while (because of how stupid our country has become).  Can I also get a kitty to pet?  It helps calm me down.

11. When my 401(k) crashes, will President Biden make up for that in giveaways, or am I just screwed?

12. Since socialism is what you just voted in, if my neighbor has something I want, do I just take it, or do I have to let him know I'm taking it?  (Personally, I have had my eye on the brand spanking new Mercedes SUV a couple of doors down, at the house with the Biden sign in its yard.)

13. When gas hits the Obama high-water mark of six bucks a gallon (or more), is there an EBT card for that?  Maybe a check from Soros?

14. I have seen the gatherings of conservatives protesting the election results, but something is wrong because nothing is getting destroyed.  Did you guys go to a class for that, or could you provide some pointers on how to do it right, please?

15. The conservative gatherings were dubbed super-spreader events by the Democrat media, yet the Democrats' protests and election gatherings were not and are not.  Did you guys secretly come out with the vaccine?

16. So now that Biden was selected — er, elected, is every death now on him, or is it still Trump's fault?

17. Lastly, during Biden's State of the Union address, is Nancy Pelosi going to tear up the speech on national television, or does she do that only with President Trump?

Thanks in advance for clearing up my confusion, comrades.  As a good future socialist, I want to make sure I toe all of the politically correct lines coming our way soon and work to be a shining example of globalism. 

Image: Resist! Biden by Andrea Widburg.