Poll: Less than half of voters think election concerns got a fair hearing

For all the talk about basement-campaigning Joe Biden winning the election freely and fairly, from the press calling any questioning of election results "baseless" with zero detail to Biden himself crowing that the courts have taken his side, the perception of electoral fraud among the public continues to linger.

According to John Solomon's JustTheNews:

Less than half of U.S. voters say that concerns and allegations of voter fraud were given appropriate attention by the courts and Congress, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

Just 49% of respondents said such concerns received a "fair hearing" before the courts and Congress, while 38% said the concerns were "swept under the rug."

That goes against Joe Biden's taunting insistence that every court in America, in response to election challenges, all took his side, meaning proof that Biden won the election fairly.  Actually, lots of courts didn't even take the cases or look at the facts.  The Supreme Court didn't want overturning the election to be on it, so rather than trying to find a way to legally wrangle some reason to not, the justices punted, claiming that the state of Texas had no standing.  Among the blue cities and states, the courts were often partisan outfits, which put the Trump side on the outs.  What's more, Democrat governors and election boards obstructed any inquiries about election irregularities even further.  They shut the door and refused to take questions, something they do even to this day.

Yet the kind of fraud that went on was the kind that people understand and can describe to each other.  That's toxic, because it's not about matters few understand.

Voters know about people who got multiple ballots in the new junk mail–style election, and some probably sent them, or maybe just took pictures to share with their friends.  They know about the huge string of witness testimonies that recounted a large number of unexplained irregularities.  Can someone explain what the suitcases full of ballots wheeled out from beneath vote-counters' desks after Republican observers had been ordered to depart meant?  The participants in that have reportedly lawyered up and aren't talking.  How about the reports of uncreased ballots, meaning they were never mailed at all, just filled in, by someone in haste?  Or the votes that came in late at night, all with just one box checked, for Biden?  Does that sound like maybe someone "found" some ballots?  Why can't these questions be addressed?  Meanwhile, Latino voters in particular nodded knowingly when the news came out of vote-counting stopped in the middle of the night (to see how many votes were needed first) and then resumed with huge spikes for a particular candidate.  They know all about this because they saw it back home.  What of the destroyed election ballots, or the failures to match signatures, or the problem of tainted and legitimate ballots, without their envelopes, all mixed in and impossible to sort out?  Voters know that those issues have never been addressed.  They also know about the phony water main break in Georgia that somehow stopped the counting, before the direction of the counting eventually switched.  Anyone want to ask questions about the phony water break?  To do so is to be called a nut.  Voters know about the truck-drivers who testified under oath that they had been commanded to transport ballots from one state to another, to ensure they were counted twice.  Any explanations to that?  So many irregularities, so many questions, yet not a single good answer.

We're not to ask.

Most Americans with these questions would willingly accept Biden as president were some of these questions to be credibly answered.  But they aren't.  And all inquiries, in the press and among the Democrats, especially Joe Biden, are said to be "baseless" or conspiracy theories.  In short, anyone asking is being told to shut up.

So the questions linger, and the distrust grows.  Republicans are now branded rioters, even though few actually rioted on Jan. 6.  The rally they were at was to support electoral integrity, and the Democrats have used the bad incident to smear and repress all of the original inquiry that brought the people together as "riots."

That's why we are seeing these Rasmussen numbers.  And as Robert Zimmerman notes (hat tip: Instapundit), the effects of that stolen election have far reaching consequences:  It could be seen, for one, in the very sparsely attended inauguration of Joe Biden.

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