PBS fires its chief counsel for saying what Democrats really think

Up until Tuesday, Michael Beller was an attorney (arguably a very high-level attorney) for the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), an entity that all American people help fund with their taxpayer dollars.  Beller, however, hates half the American people — especially the ones who aren't Democrats and socialists — as he explained at length to a Project Veritas undercover operative.  PBS fired Beller, ostensibly because he said bad things.  In fact, it fired him because he was gauche enough to say what Democrats really think. It's clear watching the latest Project Veritas video that Beller wanted to impress an admiring young person.  In that context, believing that she shared his values and would give him high marks for the things he said, he had an awful lot to tell her about Trump voters, people who live in red states, and American people in general.  None of it was...(Read Full Post)