McConnell exerting pressure against Hawley

Mitch McConnell reportedly had a conference call with GOP Senators Thursday, during which time he pressured Senator Hawley about Hawley’s decision to challenge the Electoral College votes on January 6 (here and here).

After asking Hawley to explain his rationale, there was silence. Apparently, Hawley was not on the call. He later sent an email to his colleagues explaining his reasoning for objecting to certification of the votes.

Some are making the case that McConnell is trying to be strategic as he looks ahead to 2022 and fears alienating moderate voters if any in the GOP ranks rock the boat.

I don’t care what Mitch is thinking. It’s disgusting that he’s trying to silence voices that will shine a light on this fraud. As the Senate majority leader, he should be the one leading the charge. Instead, he’s cowardly, clueless, complicit, and/or corrupt.

I also think that anyone who’s chattering away about 2022 is completely out of touch with what is happening NOW.

Mitch presumably has concerns about 2022? Spare me.

Poor Mitch. He’s still thinking and playing by the old rules. He doesn’t realize (or perhaps he doesn’t care) there’s a new playbook that goes by many names, all with the same result: progressivism, democratic socialism, communism, Marxism, and totalitarianism, all of which are interchangeable with the familiar, tried-and-true Democrat party which probably has a nice familiar ring in Mitch’s head.

Ah, the Democrats. Let’s work with them.

Hey Mitch McConnell, do you realize the left has myriad ways to make sure we never win an election again?

In fact, they’re in the process of pulling off another steal in Georgia because, apparently, our party is too stupid and feckless to learn a single thing from November and apply it to the Georgia run-off election.

And hey, Mitch! Do you think your friends, the Democrats, will make the same mistake they made in 2020 when they focused the theft on the top of the ticket and neglected many (though probably not all) down ballot races?

2022? Really Mitch?

Your friends from across the aisle, as they say, have plans – big plans – to keep a lock on power once they have it, from elimination of the Electoral College (that alone will seal our fate) to adding states to ending the filibuster to expanding the Supreme Court to flooding the country with illegal aliens and invaders (aka “refugees”) from countries that hate us, and on and on and on.

Then there’s 2024, which brings me around to Hawley.

Some are saying he’s using this as a chance to build his credentials as a conservative fighter and that he’s fundraising off of it. As such, one could say it’s a bit of a political stunt.

I can’t say what Hawley’s motivations are, but if I had to venture a guess, I’d pin him somewhere between a genuine conservative who cares about the Constitution and an ambitious politician with eyes on the White House. (Good luck to any Republican who’ve set their sights on the White House. As already noted, that’s old school thinking that we’ll win the White House again after this depraved election where anything goes and nobody with any power to do anything about it cares.)

In sum, only one Senator has gone on record to commit to objecting to the fraudulent votes and Mitch McConnell is compelled to pillory even that one.

May God give us strength and show us a path through the destruction of America that unfolds before our eyes every hour of every day.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey (cropped)  CC BY-SA 2.0 license

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