Liz Cheney reveals her inner Deep State

Perhaps no one should be surprised that Rep. Liz Cheney came out as a Trump traitor.  She was one of the few Republicans who joined the Democrats in her infamous vote to impeach him.

And it's not surprising.

Her dad and his colleagues of decades past all got their notches on their bedposts by fomenting war, here, there and everywhere.  That is how they all got rich.  Trump is anti-war.  He wants to bring our troops home, especially from Afghanistan and Syria, but also Germany, too. 

So the Cheneyites have got the vapors.  Liz apparently read the tea leaves wrong when she cast her vote to impeach, and she thought her party would be on board.  Sadly, nine other stupid ones were.  How out of touch are these people?  They are so far out of touch that they might as well be UFOs. 

Liz Cheney's act was so offensive, so outrageous, to so many voters that she just ended her budding career in the GOP.  She is the Benedict Arnold of the current Congress, a quisling.  She is now the most hated Republican member of that body, a feat not easily achieved, since so many of them are only in the business of getting rolled and are thus justifiably in disrepute. 

The few exceptions to that rule are stand-outs: Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Louie Gohmert, Steve Scalise, Andy Biggs.  There are likely more in the new House.  God bless them, including women like Marjorie Taylor Greene.  She, like the Washington Post, fifteen minutes after President Trump was inaugurated, wrote that of incoming President Biden, that "the impeachment has begun."  She has vowed to submit articles of impeachment against Biden, for whom there are many good reasons.

Sauce for the gander...

But it's actually more than that.  If ever there were two people ripe for impeachment, they are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Biden never once spoke out against the riots that devastated so many cites over campaign summer.  Harris blatantly excused the billions of dollars of damage they did and vowed that the riots "would not stop before the election or after."  Then she raised money to bail out those who actually were arrested for their crimes.  She has refused to release the records of the money raised for her cause and how many rioters, arsonists, and looters were released. 

Like the rest of the left, they loved the riots because they thought they were hurting Trump.  How idiotic is that?  They truly thought that their "defund the police" mantra would win over a population sufficiently indoctrinated with their anti-Trump nonsense.  As usual, they assumed we are all dumb as bricks and cannot see the writing on the wall.  What minority community wants to give up its police?  Not one, anywhere in the country.  Law-abiding Americans of every color and creed need and depend on law enforcement.  The left's "defund them" campaign was a Mr. Potato Head moment, stupid beyond belief. 

But back to Liz Cheney.  Once upon a time, we liked her, donated to her campaign, and assumed she was an actual conservative. 

Nope!  She's a Deep-Stater through and through.  Deep-Staters need and love war.  It's how they get so fabulously wealthy, with all those consulting contracts and more.  They need wars to continue.  They need to foment more of them.  They need the nation-building, the literacy programs for Afghani girls.  Cheney's primary problem with Trump has been his attempt to bring troops home from wars of attrition like Afghanistan and Syria, and from cash cow places where they are not needed, like Germany, Japan, and South Korea.  Moreover, Trump has blasted the policy of endless war, laying the blame on the Bush and Obama administrations, both of which continued them and saw their minions feed from the same trough.  So now follow the money.  

Cheney's fury at Trump and her thoroughly misguided support of this ridiculous snap impeachment will be her political and personal downfall.  She betrayed her president and the 80-some million people who voted for him, precisely to be rid of people like her.  She will never, never recover.  Nor will House minority leader Kevin McCarthy for defending her and dissing Trump.  Nor will the Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell; what a turncoat, what a Judas.  As for the nine non-entities who voted with her?  No one will ever remember their names, for they have already rendered themselves irrelevant, same as Liz Cheney

Image credit: ABC The View / Fox & Friends video screen shot, via shareable YouTube.