Like good little doggies, Joe Biden wants 'a time to heel' for conservatives

The guy who ran on a minimalist platform of being "Mr. Nice" and saying it is now "a time to heal in America" ran as far from those nebulous promises as possible as he got set for his inauguration.

Just as during the campaign, when Biden mostly read from his teleprompter, it's hard to know now if Biden's public pronouncements are coming from his own heart and mind or if his advisers feed them to him, but we have to take his words as the official pronouncements of the new administration.

In any case, one of his early tweets about the Capitol riots, aimed more at cleaving the country than uniting it, declared, "No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protestors yesterday that they wouldn't have been treated very differently than the mob that stormed the Capitol[.]"  This statement now appears not only divisive, but patently absurd as it is increasingly shown that actual BLM activists and other extremists (right and left) were behind most of the violence that day and that Trump's rally supporters were effectively too late to join the fray because they were still listening to the president when the invasion went down and furthermore had a mile and a half walk to the Capitol to "peacefully make their voices heard."

Increasingly, we hear an enraged now-president who indignantly denounces his political enemies (who make up half the nation) as chumps or worse, and that any critique of election fraud is nothing more than a Goebbelsian propaganda gambit.  I wrote earlier about Biden's default setting of anger as his dementia progresses — an anger that gives the lie to his offer of peace.  It's like being backed up to the wall by a furious mother who hisses through her teeth, "I love you!"  It doesn't compute.

We know that huge percentages of the population, on all sides of the political divide, have serious doubts about the integrity of the recent elections, but it seems that the continued strategy of both Biden and his political camp is to look us straight in the eye and deny there was ever a doubt about the election, about Hunter's foreign business dealings, or about Trump being a Russian agent.

In this context of tremendous distrust of the incoming administration, Biden now wants the theme for his inauguration to be "America United."  Wow!  All the chumps, deplorables, and "Nazis" are going to mindlessly and joyously harmonize along with the new vibes of understanding, reconciliation, and forgiveness!

In fact, the message received loud and clear by that other half of the nation is that like good doggies, we must "heel," not "heal," and take our medicine of political correctness.

We are more than used to the empty words of reconciliation and unity that all new presidents verbalize upon taking office.  Those pronouncements are required by tradition and occasionally proceed from a sincere wish for a decorous commencement of national good will, but they generally don't last for five minutes after the ceremonies are finished.

However, this time around, a crystal-clear message has been transparent long before the inauguration was even organized.  Conservative voices will not be heard; rather, they will be silenced, and those pesky folk will need to be reprogrammed so that a forced unity can be imposed on the nation.

We are asked to heel, but most of us are saying, "No thanks," even as we have watched a disturbing number of weak-kneed Republicans bow before the Democratic juggernaut.  We all agree that, yes, the nation does need healing, but it will not come at the expense of conviction and liberty.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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