Kamala Harris poses for another stupid photo shoot

Kamala Harris, vice president-elect, was last seen having her team complain about her stupid photo shoot posing in tennis shoes and a bedsheet-like background in Vogue. Vogue, you see, had betrayed her, agreeing to run a picture of her in a powder blue suit and printing out the tennis-shoe shot instead. And naturally, her allies cried 'racism.' As USAToday reported:

On Monday, Harris' team told the Associated Press that the shot of the country’s soon-to-be No. 2 leader isn’t what both sides had agreed upon. CNN and CBS also reported the buzzed about image blindsided Harris. Harris’ team was unaware that the cover photo had been switched until images leaked late Saturday, according to a person involved in the negotiations over how Harris would be featured on the cover.

Turns out she's done it again, this time with a Glamour writeup of a Tik Tok photo shoot, with her wearing loud and stupid socks. Naturally, she got millions of views. According to the New York Post:



A post shared by Meena Harris (@meena)


Vice President-elect Harris — and her socks — are going viral on TikTok after Harris’ niece Meena shared a short video of her aunt.

The video shows Meena Harris — a former senior executive at Uber — giving Kamala Harris a peach-flavored mint — with the joke writing itself.

“Auntie. I got you a gift,” she said, while Kamala Harris looked on cross-legged in a chair. “Im-peach-mints”

The video cuts off as the future vice president bursts out into laughter.

The video has racked up more than 10 million views among the kids on TikTok, with Meena Harris also cross-posting the item to Instagram and Twitter, according to Glamour.

Does this person have a brain?

Naturally, that doesn't reinforce her wished-for narrative, of her being respected and powerful, as the vice president of the United States of America.

She's not projecting 'vice president' with these stunts. A Tik-Tok video like this doesn't suggest gravitas and don't even think to compare her act to dignity projected by Vice President Mike Pence. And now she's doing it again and again.

Does she really want the job of vice president, which it's highly questionable she won fairly? Or does she want to be First Influencer? She seems obsessed with social media and a big unreported story remains about her humongous number of fake Twitter followers. She's desperate to be popular. Which is why it looks like she's really more interested in being First Influencer.

First influencer is the sort of job a first lady of a certain sort might attempt -- Michelle Obama springs to mind. Even Joe Biden's first lady Jill is more focused on the idea of everyone calling her, with her flyweight degree, 'doctor,' so what irony to see the vice president in the cotton candy role and the first lady all full of gravitas and serious. 

Instead of staying away from social media, Harris just keeps on doing it, like a moth drawn to light. And because it's a pattern, it's starting to show that it's really who she is, the woman of zero political accomplishments, a manic giggle, focused on clothes, making up stories about herself, sleeping her way to power, and now trying to get down and be popular with the social media teenage set. Kind of like those Loughlin daughters from the college admission scandal, whose lifework was to skip class, party down and be social media 'influencers.'

If she doesn't want to be considered a lightweight, why does she keep doing lightweight things? Why the photo exists at all is on her, for starters. Anyone with just a minimum of common sense knows that if you don't want to be known as a lightweight famous for wearing tennis shoes or loud socks, maybe you shouldn't pose for such pictures. Once a picture is taken, it's out there, and yes, the Internet is forever.

But rest assured there will be outcry from the Harris camp and her minions when despite her exalted title, no one takes her seriously. They of course, are likely to holler racism, but there's no getting around that Harris can't stop herself from being a lightweight. Dianne Feinstein knew it. There are even signs that Willie Brown knew it. Lightweight, yet vice president, and she wants it both ways. Lightweight is dominant though because that's "who she is."

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