Joe Biden’s interior decorating scheme celebrates an illegal immigration foe

Biden’s made his design choices for the Oval Office, the room from which he governs (or, in Biden’s case, perhaps the room in which he naps). They include two immigration foes, two slave owners, and a man who wrongly got credit for freeing the slaves.

I don’t remember Oval Office décor being such a hugely symbolic deal with past presidents. It became a “thing,” when Obama kicked Churchill’s bust out of the Oval Office and installed a carpet that erroneously attributed to Martin Luther King, Jr. the quotation that “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” (Thomas Parker, an abolitionist, coined it.)

It’s a fatuous statement. Parker can be excused because he lived before socialism, communism, fascism, and the Holocaust (all gifts from the left). King, however, should have known better. There is no predestined arc. There is only a continual fight for good against the forces of darkness.

When Trump entered the Oval Office, he reinstated Winston Churchill. Trump also added Andrew Jackson’s portrait. Trump did so because of Jackson’s populism and anti-elitism. The left was focused on his being a slave owner and fighter against Native Americans.

Smart people understand that nothing is simple, and most people must be evaluated within the context of their times. We should revile only those who stood out even their own times for their extraordinary evil (e.g., Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and other 20th century leftists).

Now that Biden’s in the Oval Office, he’s kicked Churchill out again (I think Churchill would find this amusing and would have some scathing witticism about Biden), along with Jackson. In their place, he’s welcomed busts of Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy, and added portraits of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton. Let’s unpack why these are bizarre choices for the Democrat party’s new figurehead.

Cesar Chavez was a fanatic foe of illegal immigration, which he understood was economically disastrous for native-born workers, especially minorities. Biden’s decision to have his bust there is crude racial pandering.

Martin Luther King, Jr., was a Republican – which was entirely reasonable, given that the Democrat party then, as today, was the racially obsessed party. In King’s time, it was the party of slavery, the KKK, and Jim Crow. It’s now shifted its racial animus to White people (and sooner or later, the party faithful are going to find Biden’s lack of melanin offensive), but it’s the same old race hatred repackaged.

Robert F. Kennedy, like all the Kennedy men, was a sleazy guy, bedding whatever women were available. The left will turn a blind eye to this, but a lot of Americans will be reminded of Tara Reade’s accusation that Biden sexually assaulted her, as well as his enduring friendship with Teddy Kennedy. (Mary Jo Kopechne was not available for comment.)

George Washington, in addition to being a man of courage and rectitude, was a slave owner. (This is that issue about being a product of one’s era.) Last year, Biden’s party denounced him; this year, Biden wants to associate himself with the old guys.

Thomas Jefferson, another slave owner, was also toxic last year. Myriad Democrat entities and events dropped his name. Now, he too lends an imprimatur of credibility to Biden.

Abraham Lincoln is currently reviled because he’s stolen from slaves the reputation that was rightly theirs for liberating themselves. (Apparently, the 365,000+ Union troops who died in the Civil War could have pulled an Emily Litella and just said “Never mind.”)

Franklin Roosevelt allowed Jews to be sent to the gas chambers by not bombing the rail lines taking them there and interned American citizens in concentration camps. In some ways, he’s a good choice for Joe, who is deeply hostile to Israel and is the figurehead for a political party that is talking seriously about sending Trump voters to reeducation and relocation camps.

Alexander Hamilton was a decent and brilliant man. I suspect everything that Joe knows about him comes from the Broadway musical.

Benjamin Franklin was one of the most brilliant minds ever. Biden has his portrait in the Oval Office because…science!

That’s the first thing I think of when I think of Joe Biden. A party that insists that men and women can magically change sex, Blacks are genetically superior because of melanin, race riots protect against COVID infection, and the sun has only a minimal role in our climate’s variations may not be the best advocate for…science!

You can learn a lot about a president nowadays thanks to his interior decorating choices. Biden’s choices show a man who is ignorant, hypocritical, and a political panderer – in other words, nothing we didn’t already know.

IMAGE: Bust of illegal immigration foe Cesar Chavez. YouTube screengrab.

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