January 6 updates for January 4

These are the latest updates related to January 6, presented in the following order: Trump's call with state legislators, the objection process, congressional (past and present) cowards, Mitch McConnell's possible devious maneuver, Ted Cruz interview, rally update, and prayers.

Trump's call with state legislators

Trump spoke with 300 state legislators from the states in question on a Zoom conference call sponsored by Got Freedom?, an election integrity watchdog group.  The call was organized at the request of state legislators from Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin in order to review evidence of election fraud.  Members of Congress have requested a similar briefing.  Link to evidence here.

How the Electoral College vote objection process works

During an interview with Maria Bartiromo yesterday, Jim Jordan explained how the objection process works.  (He and Mo Brooks also said they plan to object to six states: Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.)

Here's how it works (or how it's supposed to work).

Each state is called one by one for the votes to be counted.  When the first of the six states that will be challenged is called, Brooks, Jordan, and/or others (only one is necessary to trigger the process) will raise their objection.  At that point, each chamber will debate for a maximum of two hours.  During that time, members of the GOP who are objecting will try to convince others to join them while, undoubtedly, those with opposing views will be arguing their case as well.

After the debate, the joint session reconvenes, and the results of the debate are announced.  It's at this point that the votes will either be accepted or rejected based on the determination made after debating. 

The next time a state that will be contested is announced, the process starts all over again: each chamber separates and debates for up to two hours, and so on.

It is at each of these junctures that the truth has a chance to win.

We must contact our senators and congressional representatives (and I would suggest not only your own, but those in contested states) to pressure them to do the right thing.

Will it matter?  I don't know.  The cynic in me wants to say probably not.  We're swimming against the tide, and the current is strong.  But Trump has been doing this for all of us for four years.  We must do it for him and for the country.

We must put forth this effort.  Light up the phone lines; call after hours and leave messages (the main D.C. number will probably have a mailbox that's full, but if you call local offices, you're likely to find one where you can leave a message); send emails.  No one has an excuse not to do this.  It's the very least thing every single one of us can do.  The very least.

Congressman Brooks has also implored everyone to do this, stating that our chance to win hinges on it.  President Trump is urging the same.

Stand and fight.  This is the fight right now, especially for people who won't be in D.C.  Apply as much pressure as possible on elected officials (national and statewide in the key states in question).

Cowardly members of the GOP (the short list)

Here's what Kelly Armstrong (N.D.), Ken Buck (Colo.), Mike Gallagher (Wis.), Nancy Mace (S.C.), Thomas Massie (Ky.), Tom McClintock (Calif.), and Chip Roy (Texas) have to say, as reported at Townhall:

"Absent such action, there is not a constitutional role for Congress to change the outcome of any state's vote," the statement explained.

"The text of the Constitution is clear. States select electors. Congress does not. Accordingly, our path forward is also clear. We must respect the states' authority here," the coalition said. "Though doing so may frustrate our immediate political objectives, we have sworn an oath to promote the Constitution above our policy goals. We must count the electoral votes submitted by the states."

Liz Cheney is also on record claiming anyone objecting on January 6 would be engaging in behavior that's at odds with our Constitution and that it would "set a dangerous precedent."  Someone might want to clue her in to the fact that objecting is constitutional, that there's a clear process outlined for how to do so, and that the dangerous precedent about which she speaks is having one party steal an election!

This group of gutless wonders in the House of Representatives is joined by several senators who have proclaimed that "the 2020 election is over" and that "it's time to move forward."  These special snowflakes include Mitt Romney, who may soon find it difficult to stand upright, given the dilapidated condition of his spine.  Pat Toomey is another member of the Club of Cowards.  (Yesterday, Josh Hawley challenged him to debate the issue of election fraud on the Senate floor.)  And you have the always predictable Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski joining the fray.

Then, late Sunday night, Tom Cotton put out a statement that he would not object to the votes.  His primary argument seems to be that it will set a dangerous precedent (the talking points seem to have been distributed) and that the left will surely abuse it when it's in power.

He also asserted the idea that objecting would only be symbolic, as there is no hope it would change anything, while thanking Trump for all that he accomplished in four years.

Where to begin?  Does Cotton not realize that the left abuses power however it sees fit?  Why do Republicans get stuck on this idea that if they do something even somewhat bold, it will empower the left even more?  The left is in full-throttle destruction mode.  By any means necessary.  Win Georgia and change the United States.  Pack the court.  Eliminate the Electoral College.  Make D.C. and Puerto Rico states.  End the filibuster.  Flood the country with foreigners (legally or illegally) who will not contribute to any greatness at best and who hate us with a passion at worst.

And that's just them warming up.

I wonder what peach committee assignments Mitch promised these cowards and what punishment and threats he's leveraging against those who are standing up?

Embedded link to how to streamline the process of contacting politicians: here.  (It was down for part of the day yesterday because it's overwhelmed with people taking action, so please don't give up.  Keep trying.  There's another resource here.  If either or both aren't working, just do it the old-fashioned way with a (non-Google) search for whomever you want to contact and get going!

Paul Ryan

He just had to jump, didn't he?  Well, yes, he did, proclaiming that "Joe Biden's victory is entirely legitimate."

Does Paul have mountains of evidence to support his pronouncement?  Because if he does, we would surely like to see it.  Maybe we could put all of this to rest.  Come on, Paul.  Cough up the goods.  Let's see what you've got, because surely you wouldn't make such a bold claim without being able to back it up, would you?

(And while on the topic of Mr. Ryan, let's not forget that he's on the Board of Directors at Fox News — you know, the news organization that called Arizona for Joe Biden when there were massive numbers of votes yet to be counted and the margin between Biden and Trump was razor-thin.)

Mitch McConnell maneuvers

Jack Posobiec is reporting that McConnell is trying to broker a deal strong-arm senators who will be opposing the votes from certain states by promising a stimulus check deal if they will cooperate on January 6.  If true, then this depraved Senate majority leader is trying to bribe senators with a backbone by holding stimulus checks over their (and Americans') heads.  Then, I suppose, if they don't back down, Mitch will place the hold up on checks on them.

Call every senator who will oppose the votes, thank him, and urge him to stand strong.  We cannot have a single one back down.  If anything, we need more.  And in light of Mitch's possible maneuver, they should all be revolted by this kind of manipulation and join the group so it grows larger and stronger.  Assuming what Posobiec is reporting is true, what Mitch is planning would be sick beyond words.

(202) 224-2541: No one ever answers his phone at Mitch's office (which is ridiculous), and the mailbox is always full (which is also ridiculous).  It's all intentional, I'm sure.  It's been this way with him for as long as I can remember.  There's no reason staffers can't answer the phone, or at least be retrieving messages and opening up the voice mail.  In any case, there's always email, assuming anyone bothers to check it: mitch.mcconnell@senate.gov.

Former military have sent a warning to Trump

Every living former secretary of defense signed a letter that was published in the Washington Post op-ed section admonishing Trump for continuing his quest for honest election result, that the time for questioning the election results has passed, and that he'd better not involve the military in the election battle.  Politico is reporting that the idea was developed by a NeverTrump and member of the Bush administration and that former vice president Cheney worked with him on the statement.

The long knives are out.

Folks, we are getting a taste of what President Trump has been up against for four long years.

Interview with Ted Cruz

On Sunday, Maria Bartiromo interviewed Ted Cruz about his plan for January 6.  For video and transcript excerpts, see here and here.

January 6 rally

No one knows how many patriots will show up.  Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse has been throwing around "millions," while Breitbart is writing about "thousands."  It needs to be huge!  Our presence must be overwhelming.

President Trump will be there.  So should every able-bodied patriot.


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