Jack Dorsey gaslights his readers, deludes himself

The man who shut down the Twitter feed of the leader of the free world, while leaving the Chicoms, Nicolás Maduro, and Iran's mullahs safe to continue tweeting bile, would have you think he's all in for free speech and kumbaya.

In a bizarre string of tweets, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey waxed philosophical about the "noble ideals" of the internet and how he's just constantly striving to be better.  No creepy gray little "Lives of Others" censor's life for him, opening everyone's mail and reporting what he doesn't like to the authorities.

Nope, he'd have you think that he's Mr. Free Speech, and he's all in for whirled peas, with this string of tweets claiming as much.

This sounds like Davos-type stuff, but also strange as hell from the man who shut down President Trump in order to deprive him of any capacity to speak to his 80 million followers.  He silenced his company's biggest voice, and his stock took a tumble.

Same as typical state censors, he cites "safety" concerns.

Dorsey apparently knew how bad some of this stuff sounded, so in addition to his attempt to gaslight us all about his supposed fealty to free speech, he also started to follow top Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, who made a stunning string of tweets blasting Dorsey's naked censorship.  Jack follows only 4,520 people on Twitter from among 5.1 million followers.  Apparently, Navalny, who is so dangerous to the Russia regime that he was poisoned in the previous year, got his attention.

But he certainly didn't get Jack to change his behavior.

Jack's blather then got worse.  Here is another what-planet-is-he-on string of tweets:

So Jack, who's a San Francisco leftist, would have us think he never celebrated the Twitter banning of Trump?  No shimmy of pleasure, no thrill up his leg?  He reminds me again of Nancy Pelosi, who during Trump's first impeachment assured that she, too, didn't impeach lightly.  This before the videos got out of the Democrats partying hearty, giggling and dancing, with their famous impeachment commemorative pens in tow.  Pelosi told them to keep that out of the public eye.

Jack kept gaslighting with his remark about internet companies shutting down Trump in a strange cartel-like unison, claiming they all acted independently.  Every single one, coming to the same conclusion, at the same time, and all of them shutting him down at once.  Sound believable?  Don't think so. 

What's more, these social media companies acted in unison on the long runway of censoring individual conservatives, all at the same time again and in the same form, and there have been many other seeming collusions.  We're not supposed to see this evidence of our own eyes, you see; we're just supposed to take Jack's word for it.  He'd know, see, yet based on the logic of his claim, he'd have to be on pretty cozy terms to talk to his rivals to get this kind of info.  He couldn't possibly know it enough to declare it any other way.  On cartel collusion, can you say "gaslight"?

Here's another whopper: his claim to be concerned about transparency and improving his game.  That's a little hard to swallow, from the company that repressed an authentic New York Post scoop about Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop and all its corruption-suggestive contents, just in time for elections.  Just as Jack makes his mea culpa at the top of this sequence, it's important to note that what he says and what he does are two different things.  You're supposed to pay attention only to what he says, see.  Pay no attention to that man with the levers behind the curtain.

Lastly, he said anyone who doesn't like his rules can go to another internet service, sounding for all the world like the heartless capitalists of the Victor Hugo literature who suggested that freedom for the poor was the freedom to sleep under bridges.  According to Business Standard:

"The check and accountability on this power has always been the fact that a service like Twitter is one small part of the larger public conversation happening across the internet. If folks do not agree with our rules and enforcement, they can simply go to another internet service," Dorsey emphasised.

That was probably the biggest insult of all the things he said, given that his cartel buddies shut down independent Parler, and Twitter in any case has a near monopoly in itself.  It's also the sort of thing a corrupt politician might say — and come to think of it, some of California's politicians, speaking to beleaguered businesses, actually have.  Move someplace else. 

Dorsey says so many of these things, in strange circular logic contrary to reality, that one wonders if maybe he just believes them.  His lack of contact with reality resembles his congressional testimony in that he claims there's no social media cartel, shadowbanning, or censorship while doing lots and lots of it.  Or else he's deluding himself, same as Pelosi does, repeating lies so often that she can't help but believe them.

As for us, it's still gaslighting, attempting to make people believe fantastical things.  He does it for Congress, and he does it for his customers, and disbelieve the evidence of their own eyes.

Image credit: Screen shot from Fox News video via shareable YouTube.