If the Supremes don't act soon, John Roberts will end up the scapegoat

The numbers simply do not add up.  In the 2000 general election, Al Gore had two chances to make his case before the Supreme Court for voter fraud in one state — Florida — on the flimsiest of evidence (hanging chads and the like).  In 2020, Donald Trump has had zero chances to argue his several cases for voter fraud in multiple states via unprecedented serious violations of election law: lax law enforcement, compromised voting machines, and multiple ballot-counting deceits.  So the Democrats get two chances with the Supremes to overturn the vote in a single state with a single example of possible fraud, while Republicans get no chances in many states with multiple fraud mechanisms.  It doesn't add up.  In fact, it stinks to high heaven.  The double-standard in the Democrats' favor is breathtakingly hideous.

The Supreme Court had better get off their useless Trump-hating behinds and start ruling on general election fraud ASAP, or there will be hell to pay. 

The chief justice is in dire peril of ruining the reputation of his Court if he continues to hide while our Constitution is being trampled by corrupt Democrats.  He had better act, and soon.  If he does nothing, the American people will believe he is a voter fraud enabler.  Without a fair hearing for Republicans, he will be the first to be blamed for the failure of the Trump team to get judicial traction.

John Roberts ought to ponder what that means.

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