Hussein in the membrane

Joe Biden became the nation's 46th president, at least on paper.  But among the dubious election, the last-minute changes to mail-in voting, social media's blatant censorship, Zuckerberg's cash injection to blue county election machines, and the media's ongoing machinations to prop him up, Biden's legitimacy is questionable.  Nearly half the country certainly questions it, and those people have every right to do so.  There is no consent of the governed. 

Beyond all that is Biden's clear mental deterioration over the past year.  He can barely put two sentences together.  He constantly flubs names and forgets where he is.  His grand COVID plan is one he plagiarized from Donald Trump.  Biden was never a genius, but his swift decline will lead to a power struggle behind the scenes that's like something out of the late Roman empire or King Lear.  It's already leading to something that many Americans suspected and feared: the stealthy return of Barack Obama in a shadow third term.

The dishonest, viewpoint-discriminating media and Big Tech might view this as a conspiracy theory, but they're never ones to let inconvenient truth get in their way.  "Personnel is policy," as they say in politics.  Just look at the people Biden is bringing into Kamala Harris's administration.  He or whoever is wielding power behind the office of the president-elect named four scientists to become his science advisers.  Eric Lander is an Obama retread, whom Biden has named along with Alondra Nelson, Maria Zuber, and Dr. Frances Arnold to major science advisory posts. 

Frances Arnold, by the way, is also on the board of Alphabet, which is Google's parent company.  Big Brother is coming back in a big way since Google long ago ditched its "Don't Be Evil" motto to crush competition and unmask itself as a digital supervillain in Big Tech's Legion of Doom.  Their first target: the Bill of Rights. 

The insidious Deep State from the Obama years morphs into a freedom-terminating cyborg thanks to Big Tech.  The fusion of Big Business and Big Bovernment into a single viewpoint has a name.  It's right on the tip of my keyboard...starts with an "f."  It ends with "ascism." 

Biden (or whoever is making the actual decisions) nominated Victoria Nuland to the State Department.  Nuland is an awful choice, signaling Biden's intent to return to the Obama days of groveling and appeasing our enemies.  Leading from behind is back.

Not only is she an Obama retread, but Nuland also negotiated the disastrous Obama Iran nuclear deal in which the mullahs were given a huge pallet of U.S. cash to do with as they pleased.  Somehow, Hezb'allah found funding for missiles to launch at civilians in Israel.  Terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq suddenly got cash infusions, and they went on violent rampages.  Funny how that works.

Deliberately attacking civilians has a specific name.  Starts with a "w."  Ends with "ar crime." 

Nuland empowered that with your taxpayer dollars, or at least dollars borrowed from China.

Nuland, and Obama and Biden, knew at the time that Iran was a terrorist state.  They knew that untraceable cash — over a billion dollars, in fact — was likely to end up in the hands of either Iran's Revolutionary Guard (a terrorist special forces army) or Hezb'allah (Iran's terrorist proxy).  But they handed it anyway to the madmen who start out every morning chanting "Death to America" and tweeting genocide at Israel.

An honest media — which we don't have in the mainstream at all — might use a word to describe Nuland's actions.  It starts with an "s."  Ends with "editious." 

Trump's foreign policy was more direct.  He scrapped the terrible terrorist-empowering Iran deal and ordered the strike that killed the leader of the Revolutionary Guard as he was plotting attacks on Americans in Iraq.  The days of speaking so clearly and kinetically to our enemies and allies are over.

Congress also investigated Nuland for concocting the lies that then-ambassador Susan Rice told to the American public to smokescreen how Team Obama (and Biden) left Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, to die at the hands of terrorists on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya.

Biden wants a liar who empowered terrorist-state thug mullahs, and who's another in a long list of Obama retreads, to run operations in American diplomacy?  He's populating his administration with the same people, from the hapless and childish Jen Psaki to the retreaded retread Janet Yellen to the consummate master of failure himself, John Kerry.  Even old Tom Vilsack is back.  According to reports, about 60% of Biden's appointees are Obama people.  These people spent eight years failing the American people, flailing from one disaster to another.  Now they're back to infest Washington again.

It's going to be a long four years, and a bit insane in the membrane, whether Biden, Harris, Biden's wife, Pelosi, Psaki, Kerry, or Barack Hussein Obama himself is truly the president. 

A.J. Rice is CEO of Publius PR, a premier communications firm in Washington D.C.  Rice is a brand manager, star-whisperer, and auteur media influencer, who has produced or promoted Laura Ingraham; Donald Trump, Jr.; Judge Jeanine Pirro; Newt Gingrich; Monica Crowley; Charles Krauthammer; Alan Dershowitz; Pete Hegseth; Steve Hilton; Victor Davis Hanson; and many others.  Find out more at

Image: Joe Biden and Barack Obama.  YouTube screen grab.

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