Giving Twitter the bird

With a change of mind and a click of two buttons, I deactivated my Twitter account.  At first I thought it braver and more helpful to stay, advocate, perhaps irritate.  Aggrieved, I pondered how far I could push the envelope until being kicked off.   But, Twitter’s heavy-handed censorship, along with Europe’s pushback, (yet none from the Democrats), and Twitter’s declining stock price convinced me deep-sixing the bird was wiser advocacy.

With the spare time, I started a tab on the amazing things our brilliant president didn’t do:

  • He didn’t start a war
  • He didn’t denigrate our military
  • He didn’t censor his opponents
  • He didn’t hide from the press despite receiving over 90%negative coverage from them
  • He didn’t play identity politics
  • He didn’t play a zero-sum economic game
  • He didn’t make minority groups more dependent on government handouts
  • He didn’t treat minority groups as inferior
  • He didn’t give taxpayer dollars to terrorists or terrorist countries
  • He didn’t depend on foreign oil
  • He didn’t stay in international treaties that hurt the American worker or taxpayer
  • He didn’t keep mindless regulations
  • He didn’t hurt the economy
  • He didn’t break his promises to Israel - campaign promises broken by many of his predecessors
  • He didn’t hurt the stock market
  • He didn’t abandon Republican candidates or elected officials
  • He didn’t facilitate illegal immigration
  • He didn’t kick police to the curb because of a few bad apples. 
  • He didn’t betray the American people

Do I miss Twitter?   Not a chirp.  I mean, tweet. 

Lynne Lechter is a Philadelphia attorney who can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, Parler, Clouthub and MeWe

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