Funny how the party that claims to be for the little guy always supports the billionaires

We can see how much the brokers and billionaires who support Joe Biden care about the little guy by the way they treat people at Reddit who trade through Robinhood. 

They claim they want to block the small, unsophisticated traders from investing in something they don't understand, such as GameStop, AMC, BlackBerry, and others they have deemed unworthy.

But we know this is a bald-faced lie because they have never tried to block unsophisticated investors from other companies, such as solar or greenie transport companies, which, if their fundamentals are examined, often show little or no profit, as well as startups which also show little or no profit, or even sales.

It appears the real reason that Robinhood blocked trades in certain stocks is because billionaire hedge funds like Citadel lent $2.75 billion to bail out the billionaire hedge fund Melvin Capital, which was getting clobbered after trying to destroy other people's stocks.  According to the New York Post:

This short seller just got a $2.75 billion bailout

It should be noted that the newly nominated Treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, got paid $800,000 for three speeches at Citadel.  My guess is that her speeches were as interesting as those by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton when people thought Hillary would become president.  Yellen, though, spotted the housing bubble in 2008.

Melvin sold GameStop short.  They leveraged up in hopes they could take their stock to zero, essentially bankrupting them, closing their stores, and destroying their jobs.  Then other billionaires could pick up the pieces for peanuts.  Billionaires selling online (as Bezos does) would get wealthier because a brick-and-mortar competitor was destroyed. 

Hedge funds produce nothing, but they get very rich leveraging up, so why didn't we see the outrage by the brokers and the SEC as hedge funds were selling short instead of when other investors went long?  The answer is that the billionaires are treated as if they are special.

In 2008, brokers and hedge funds contributed greatly to the economic crash.  The unsophisticated public was sold pieces of garbage mortgage pools by companies such as Goldman Sachs, whose minions generally support Democrats.  The hedge funds and other speculators sent the price of gasoline above $4 and the price of crude to around $130 per barrel.  That price hammered the poor, the middle class, and small businesses and greatly reduced their capacity to spend on other things, sending the economy toward collapse.

A supposed expert at Goldman said oil would go to $200 even though there were no fundamentals supporting that view.

Then-president George Bush, a man who understood oil, opened up drilling, and by the time President Obama took office, the price of crude was below $40 and gas was below $2 per gallon.  That is what led the economy out of recession by 130 days after Obama/Biden took office — not a stimulus plan or the fake shovel-ready green jobs we were promised.  Yet the media, Obama, Biden, and other Democrats continue to lie that Obama's policies brought the economy out of the deep recession.

The fact is, the Obama/Biden policies gave us the slowest economic recovery in seventy years.

Meanwhile, George Soros is a dangerous hedge fund trader.  He uses his billions to fund leftist organizations like to destroy America.  He invests heavily in elections of Democrat prosecutors who are soft on crime in cities throughout the U.S.  He tried to break the British pound and in France was convicted for insider trading.  

Soros is a power broker for Democrats and is as dangerous as a Chinese spy bedding a Democrat congressman on the House Intelligence Committee.

I have never seen anyone as dangerous in the White House as Joe Biden in his first nine days as he signs executive order after executive order, some 40 now at last count.

He has stacked his Cabinet with radical leftists pushing the green agenda to destroy America.

He sends out John Kerry, with multiple mansions, a yacht, and a private jet, to tell the public that it is good for them that he is destroying their jobs.  After all, he drove a Tesla from Massachusetts to D.C.

On Fox News, I heard left-wing Juan Williams say he doesn't really care about Kerry's or anyone else's lifestyle, even as they are dictating how all of us should live our lives.  He described that as small ball and said Kerry is looking at the big picture and is forward-looking.  Juan, in my opinion, is clearly a man who has no analytical skills and who has been programmed into a leftist cult to just repeat talking points. .

And no matter how often all these supposedly smart Cabinet members, as well as Biden himself, his vice president, Kamala Harris; House speaker Nancy Pelosi; Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer; Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; and others repeat that we have to get rid of oil and coal to control temperatures and the climate, not one sock puppet at the Washington Post or any other journalist, including at Fox, asks for scientific evidence to support their theory and destructive policies.  There is no scientific evidence, so they never ask. They just go along.

President Trump had policies to move people of all races up and to lower the poverty level to an all time low and the media and other Democrats fought him and tried to destroy him as they continue to do.

Biden has policies which will increase poverty and lower the standard of living for all races and the press cheers him on. Biden and the media seem like an existential threat to our survival as a great country, our freedom, our democracy, and our prosperity. It is pure ignorance to move towards socialism when it fails whenever it is tried.

China, Russia, and Iran are cheering as we intentionally weaken ourselves. They may pretend but they will never give up oil. We will not be able to defend ourselves if these destructive policies exist for any length of time.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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