Fox News reportedly considering top executive firings over their post-election ratings collapse

If Fox News wants to restore its cable news ratings dominance, changes will have to be visible far lower in its organization than what is being reported. Though I was angry over its election night coverage and have been dismayed at the behavior of a number of its on-air personalities, I take no joy in the ratings crisis that seems to be engulfing Fox News. For all its faults, its reach, resources, and stable of outstanding talent like Tucker Carlson make it an essential voice in a nation with a media scene that is getting scarier by the day. There is no doubt in my mind that, if FNC disappeared or lost its cable system distribution, as at least one of its rivals seems to be advocating, conservatism would be in a much weaker position. Yesterday, The Daily Beast published an article with four authors, one of them a departed FNC staffer who charged sexual harassment and settled for an undisclosed sum, claiming: Amid ongoing ratings struggles, Fox News CEO Suzanne...(Read Full Post)