Equity governance

This week Susan Rice of serial untruth infamy made her debut at the podium to announce President Biden’s “racial justice and equity initiative.”

President Biden on his first day in office implemented an executive order that will embed racial justice and equity in everything the federal government does, from how it collects data, to how it allocates resources, to how it assesses where we currently stand on matters of civil rights and racial equity. And it will hold each agency accountable for its results.

Haven’t we seen massive strides in equality initiatives for women and minorities over the past several decades? Haven’t women and persons of color achieved equal status at the highest level in academia, sports, entertainment, corporate boards, and politics? Throughout all aspects of American society?  

Did we not elect a black president in Barack Obama? Or now, a black woman to the office of vice president? Do not several black persons lead Fortune 500 companies? Are minorities not prevalent in the highest echelons of academia, sports, and entertainment?

Hasn’t the glass ceiling been broken for all who have striven to achieve?

One can see how you might be confused, for you see, equality of opportunity does not equate to equity. While “some” have achieved and others have not could be held up as successful strides in the quest for equality, that “all” women and people of color haven’t made those strides, in the mind of the Left implies that equality can’t be achieved until they “all” are made equal.

Simply stated, the Biden, er Rice, er Obama policy will consist of; taking from those according to their ability and giving it to those according to their need, sex[ual orientation], and color.

Equity is a weasel-word for reparations. In practical terms, this will mean the plunder of resources (money, property, opportunity, and jobs) from those who have, and the redistribution of said resources to the less fortunate (of color).

Looking to the horizon, expect to see wealth, capital gains, and estate taxes, confiscation of personal property, displacement of employment, economic carve-outs, and a basic living wage paid out to minorities, women, and non-cisgendered individuals.

More Susan Rice:

So, it's not about advantaging one group over another. It's making sure that we all begin at the same place and have the chance to fulfill our God-given potential.

Hear that? Fulfilling our God-given potential will no longer consist of us striving to achieve our potential, but can only begin once we’ve all been leveled to begin at the same place. Marx, Stalin, and Mao would be proud.

History is replete with this model being tried and failed time and again, but what Susan Rice knows, as Barack Obama knows -- this model works splendidly in concentrating power to those who control the levers of redistribution. The mass of beneficiaries of said government benevolence will be loyal voters, at least until the system collapses upon itself.  

Image: Pixabay