Do conservatives have staying power and moral fortitude?

2020 was a tough year. In 2021, Conservatives need to be tough people. No matter who takes the White House, there are cultural battles we need to fight while remaining true to our best principles, including the Constitution.

It’s been very refreshing to see that political Conservatives—at least those who support President Trump—have rallied before, during, and now after the election. Especially since, and with very few exceptions, Conservative rallies tend to be quite free of violence.

Hundreds of thousands typically show up for the Pro-Life March in DC, and the biggest issue to arise was a few counter-protestors and their mainstream media supporters vilifying a high school kid who simply smiled back at an angry Leftist getting in his face. That young man is now rather wealthy thanks to the judicial system. There are some extremes lately, like the Proud Boys and a few others who look to engage with the radical Left counter-protesters, but in the end, Conservative rallies tend to be violence-free and a net financial gain to the local community.

My only hope is that the Conservative Right can maintain this activism after January 6th, especially if Biden does go on to the presidency. Loud activist minorities put people like Biden in office, and it will be loud protesting, activism, and funding from the Right that will put them out. Just as importantly, it will block the Left’s destructive policies from coming to fruition. This momentum must be used to support other initiatives, too, not just presidential or national politics.

We Conservatives must enter our school boards to advocate and drive change from within, and from without we must protest their socially destructive ideas and policies. We must protest city governments who support painting BLM on public streets and that do not stand behind their police forces. We must stand up to high schools that support non-binary gender schemes and put boys dressed as girls into girls’ sports. We must lift up Judeo-Christian values and prevent them from automatically being categorized as women-hating, gay-hating, etc. We must especially stop universities that stifle free speech, inculcate Critical Race Theory, and promote Marxist Socialism.

Instead, we should be actively promoting improved education on the fundamentals of our Constitutional Republic, and why it is the way it is. We must protest and avoid supporting institutions like the National Football League or the National Basketball Association that allow hypocritical policies regarding the “free speech” of its athletes. By doing all this we will find that a loud enough Conservative voice can pressure cowardly leaders to make better decisions—and make no mistake, most of these leaders in government and business are afraid not to respond to the loudest minorities.

Finally, we have to step up and support the Conservative victims of cancel culture and, if need be, cancel the extremist Left that won’t be stopped in any other way. In short, it is time to fight fire with fire (following the strictest interpretation of this cliché) without creating a worse situation for everyone. It will not be quick, and it will not be easy, but it can be done over time, just like it was undone over time.

And this brings up two very important questions for Conservatives: Do we have the staying power to pull it off, and can we do it respecting the Constitution and without becoming the new oppressors?

IMAGE: 22.Rally.MAGA.PennAve.WDC.14November2020 by Elvert Barnes. CC BY-SA 2.0.