Congress and election fraud

On January 6, 2021, everyone needs to listen to the evidence as an American.  No party affiliations, no ideology.  Be an American.

The event is political, but it should not be partisan.  Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy, and there is mounting evidence this election was neither free nor fair.

No one is trying to overturn a valid election.  If a massive fraud occurred, we are trying to prevent the actual loser from being sworn in as president.  The most dangerous thing for our democracy would be to do absolutely nothing in the face of the evidence presented to date.

If Biden was fraudulently elected, the American people will find out.  People are unhappy.  Since Biden did not really campaign, no one really knows what he is going to do when in office.  His V.P. selection implies that he will launch one of the most radical agendas in American history.

As he starts to push America to the far left, Americans will unite in increasing numbers around investigating the election.  This is no longer a conservative/Republican issue.  American patriots of all persuasions are concerned, and these Americans will continue the quest for the truth.  If no one in the justice system is looking for election fraud, should we be surprised that no one found it?

American citizens/patriots (not anyone in the justice system) have already discovered:

  1. The Hunter Biden emails implicating the Bidens as a criminal enterprise.
  2. Video recordings of the after-hours ballot-counting in Georgia.
  3. Dead people voting.
  4. Non-residents voting.
  5. People voting more than once.
  6. Voters registered with addresses that are actually vacant lots.
  7. Voters registered with addresses that are actually commercial buildings.
  8. Voters registered with addresses that are actually casinos.
  9. Recounts that could not reproduce the election night totals, and local officials forced to certify election results from Nov 3.
  10. Multiple absentee ballots per voter delivered to the same address.
  11. People showing up to vote and told they had to vote with a provisional ballot because someone had already voted in their name.
  12. Midnight ballot drops in multiple cities.
  13. Voting machine that changed Trump votes to Biden.
  14. Voting machines connected to the internet during the election.
  15. More votes than people in certain areas.
  16. Statistical models are showing improbable numbers of people voted in many jurisdictions.

And the list goes on...

If there was ballot fraud, what will happen when America's citizens determine the truth and the lies?

The result will be a true constitutional crisis: An illegally elected President sworn in and supported by a corrupt Congress that ignored the evidence. Do we want to be governed by people who crave only power and the continuation of that power through any means necessary?

Demand the congressional delegation from your state do their duty and listen to the evidence as Americans and decide the next steps based on that evidence.  Continue the search for the truth.  If the justice system is failing us, the people must continue to investigate this election.  The "elites" fear an informed populace.  Please keep up with the citizens who are turning up actual evidence.  We have to increase awareness of what is happening.

 We need to demand changes in the election process.  We are the most technically advanced nation in the world, and we cannot figure out how to properly run an auditable election?  I refuse to believe that.  If there is fraud, it is because partisans allowed it.  Vote out all involved in establishing the procedures and processes that allowed this fraud.  If we want change, We the People have to make the change happen.

Maker S. Mark (a pseudonym) is an active manager with 30 years experience in asking questions and solving problems in business I.T. and operations.

Image: AnthonyTPope.

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