China shows no fear of Biden as its jets come close to Taiwan

With Joe Biden in the U.S. presidential saddle, China's seen its opportunities and it's took 'em.

According to Fox News:

China ratcheted up activity in Taiwan airspace on Sunday by flying 15 fighter jets between mainland Taiwan and the Pratas Islands in the South China Sea, a report said.

Reuters, which cited Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, reported that the jets included six J-10 fighters, two SU-30s and other military planes. A day earlier, China flew eight bombers and four fighters into the same airspace, the report said.

While the frequency of such drills has increased in recent years, the timing and the composition of the latest formations -- mostly fighter jets and bombers -- appeared intended to send a message to the new administration in Washington.

Which isn't exactly a vote of confidence for Biden's claim to be the leader of the free world. China was afraid of President Trump and did all it could to avoid testing him. Biden, however, is another story -- an easy guy to roll around.

That doesn't speak well for Biden, who's first spoken of 'China engagement' as his priority but in the last year has tried to talk tough.

They're yawning in the forbidden city. They know this guy, they know him well.

Now imagine the view from Beijing. Joe Biden is a faultily elected president. The coronavirus is a permanent thing in the U.S, owing to leftist officials seeking to expand their power. The Biden boy apparently has taken Beijing's money. 

So what better to do than start harassing Taiwan, which China has always wanted to do. They aim to show Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines, that Biden is a nothingburger, so kowtow to them or else.

And they are striking early. 

Image: Alert5, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 4.0

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