By Dems; logic, couldn;t Obama and Biden be impeached and convicted for their actions in 2016 so they can never hold office again?

Isn't it pure abuse of power and obstruction of justice when an administration is so consumed with maintaining power that it uses the massive personnel and taxpayer resources to destroy its political opponent while protecting its chosen successor from prosecution no matter how many crimes she committed?

For some reason, I have never seen Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, Durbin, AOC, and other Democrats asked the following questions no matter how many times they have been interviewed the last four and a half years:

  • Is it OK that the DNC and Hillary paid a foreign national over $10 million to create a fictional dossier to take out Trump?
  • Is it OK that the DNC and the Hillary campaign committed fraud by lying to the FEC that the money paid to a foreign source was for legal fees instead of telling the truth?  (And Democrats say they are the party of truth over lies)
  • Is it OK that several FBI swamp creatures used this fake dossier when they continually lied to the FISA court in order to spy on people surrounding Trump as they allowed Hillary and her aides to get off scot-free?  (And the Democrats say that under them, the Justice Department operates independently, and no one is above the law.)
  • Is it OK that so many people in the Obama administration, including Biden himself, spent the two months after the 2016 election unmasking people and seeking to destroy people like Flynn instead of helping the Trump administration and having a peaceful transition of power?

Image credit: Daniel Schwen CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

As a matter of fact, I don't remember Obama, Biden, or Hillary being asked these same obvious questions, no matter how many times they have been interviewed and kissed up to the last several years as to how great they are and were.

Isn't it shocking that most people pretending to be journalists seem to lack their curiosity gene when the criminal actions of the Obama administration in 2016 dwarfed Watergate or anything else in our lifetimes?

Or could it be that these supposed fact-checkers are also so consumed in their efforts to campaign for and contribute to Democrats that they just don't care?

Aren't journalists worthless if they spend their time cheering for people of one party while seeking to destroy members of the other party, no matter what either one says or does?  Rooting for impeachment from the day Trump was elected certainly shows a lack of credibility and honesty.