Big questions on the eve of inauguration

Is it just me, or does it seem as though something is about to happen?  And I am not just talking about the inauguration of Joe Biden.

I cannot remember the transition after a presidential election seeming so surreal and so tense.  For lack of a better term, it seems like the calm before the storm.

Patriotic Americans like you and me watch, enraged at the evidence that an election was stolen and not one institution wanted to be bothered with it.  We are wounded but have come to terms that the slimiest saboteurs in this whole disgusting affair are affiliated with the Republican Party, who betrayed not only President Donald Trump, but also the 74 million people who voted for him.  To add insult to injury, we read, listen, or watch news reports about Biden calling for unity for the cameras yet vilifying these millions of Trump-supporters as domestic terrorists, Nazis, and white supremacists.

We have witnessed what looks like a full blown fraud, complete with mass mail-in ballots with few safeguards, feckless politicians and bureaucrats, a social media blackout of President Trump and his supporters, the marginalization of conservatives, and a soulless news media that long ago surrendered its honor like a harlot.

The hypocrisy of the left when it comes to the right exercising free speech is manifest.  The left can burn buildings, commit vandalism, beat up innocent people, attack and kill police, and it is called "peaceful protest."  Patriotic Americans in their tens of thousands demonstrated truly peacefully for the most part their anger and frustration over injustice at the nation's capital, and all of them are branded rioters because of the violent Capitol incursion by a tiny minority, some of them apparently leftist provocateurs.  Yet despite an unarmed female Air Force veteran shot and killed by a plainclothes Capitol Police officer, not a single building or police car was burned, and no citizens were attacked.  And there is a continued effort to condemn these Americans as terrorists worthy of arrest, death or re-education.  There wasn't this much outrage or a rush to judgment by our political leaders even after 9-11.

Here, one day before the inauguration of a demonstrably corrupt and senile figurehead, we sit, wondering how we will resist the ever growing radicalism that has already shown itself.  We ask what will happen to our children and grandchildren if this is not stopped.  And we silently ask what personal and professional risks we are willing to endure to save this country and our families.

These are questions we never asked ourselves in the aftermath of past presidential elections, and it is downright unsettling.  The America we have grown up with and loved is actually at risk of becoming a thing of the past. 

Nothing is certain right now.  We look at the military buildup in Washington, D.C., and we ask: why do we have more soldiers in the nation's capital than in Afghanistan for an inauguration that will be largely virtual?  We take note of Trump's declassification of Obamagate documents, and we ask: why now and not years ago?  Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe's report has indicated that China interfered in the 2020 election, yet we see the slow-walking of this conclusion by CIA analysts, and we wonder: is it too little, too late, or is it something else?

Trump has said in past speeches that he will not allow this election fraud.  Much of his economic and foreign policy has been dedicated to stymieing China's economic ascent and resetting America as the foremost world power.  Yet he is being forced out and seeing an end to this policy, watching China move toward a controlling interest of the United States economy and government.

If you, as an American patriot, are still watching the news, you have become demoralized because it appears that Trump's role as commander-in-chief has been undermined by much insubordination, from the bureaucracy and even the generals.  Trump appears beaten with every avenue of attack and redress blocked.  The GOP elite have deserted him, throwing their support to Biden, and ten Republican turncoats in the House of Representatives voted for his impeachment.

Surely Trump must know that he and his family will be hounded after he leaves office.  His business interests will be attacked, scrutinized, and undermined by politicians and attorneys general of red states he does business in.  The left and the right are dedicated to making sure Trump and anything resembling his type of populism never rise again.  Trump realizes this, I am sure.  Trump has said in speeches that the swamp wants to eliminate not only him, but Trump-supporters as well.

There is no question that no matter what happens, it will be up to the American patriot to stand for God, country, and family from this week forward.  It will be the people, praying and seeking the will of God, and standing against tyranny that will right the ship that is America.

The current slimy Republican leadership is a reflection of our past apathy and of us believing the false notion that the GOP were always all good guys.  Trump was elected and then re-elected when the people were awakened.  The signs of election theft happened while the people were paying attention, not while they were distracted, and because of that, they have been indelibly etched in the minds of over 74 million Trump voters. 

These patriots are also not just going to stand for the tactics of censorship and dehumanization being carried out by Twitter, Facebook, Google, and the press.  Serious and God-fearing Americans are not descended from passive and repressed people; our ancestors defeated the greatest armies in the world, liberated millions from tyranny, and even landed on the moon.  We are not just going to lie down and accept communism, much less an illegitimate president. 

Now, there are going to be those who read this and will be immediately dismissive, saying our vote is irrelevant due to multiple means of vote fraud, or that the left controls everything, so what's the use?  This is defeatist thinking.  We are where we are because of our lack of vigilance.  This is our starting point, and it is going to be a long and arduous process.  It may even take 20 to 50 years, but so what?  To quote Lao Tzu, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Dex Bahr is a freelance writer and author of the book No Christian Man is an Island: Leading the Spiritual Quest in America's Culture Wars.

Image credit: CBC screen shot via shareable YouTube.

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