Biden’s pick of Merrick Garland for AG is a clever maneuver to name and quickly confirm a hard leftist to SCOTUS

Merrick Garland was anointed as a martyr by the left-media combine when Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans blocked his appointment to the Supreme Court in the last year of the Obama administration.  One might, therefore, assume he would be Joe Biden's choice for a seat on the highest court if and when a vacancy becomes available to fill.  It takes no imagination at all to conjure up the sort of rhetoric ("righting a historic wrong") that could be used to buffalo Republican opposition into silence, if not assent.

Photo credit: Senate Democrats (cropped), CC BY 2.0 license.

But the people telling Biden what to do are smarter and more devious than that, and they want someone far more radical taking the next seat on the SCOTUS bench.

Sundance of The Conservative Treehouse understands:

Judge Garland is an important judge on the important DC Circuit Court.  Garland's replacement will be a senate confirmed seat for that court.  Once that replacement is senate confirmed, we anticipate that person will be quickly elevated to a Supreme Court nomination to replace Justice Stephen Bryer [sic], now 82-years-old.  The senate will have no political ammunition to block or not confirm the radical SCOTUS pick because she will have been confirmed a few months before. It's a smart play.

Sundance uses the female pronoun (which now is a sin in many radicals' eyes) because he has a likely candidate:

Garland himself is too old (69) and too centrist for the interests of the JoeBama ideology; but watch for Biden to move activist DC District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson (50), twenty years Garland's junior, into the DC Circuit Appeals Court role.

Despite her known activist ideology, Judge Kentanji Brown-Jackson will likely achieve senate confirmation without issue for the circuit court role.  Soon thereafter Supreme Court Justice Stephen Bryer announces his departure, and Judge Brown-Jackson is quickly nominated as Bryer's replacement.

It's all too plausible.

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