Biden's environment agenda: Regressive, oppressive, depressive

I am going to try to make this simple enough  that all the campaign workers for Democrats, posing as journalists, politicians, entertainers, scientists, and professors, along with people like Bill Gates, AOC, Mark Zuckerberg, Al Gore, Pelosi, and even Joe and Kamala, can understand. 

One important fact to know is that a little ice age on Earth ended around 1850.  It would be absolutely normal for temperatures to rise a little after an ice age ended. 

According to the people claiming that humans and oil consumption cause temperatures to rise, the temperature has risen one to two degrees  between 1880, when scientists started measuring global temperatures, and today, which would be a minor rise after an ice age.  Another significant fact is that during this 140-year period, there have been significant periods of warming and cooling.  In other words, the temperature fluctuated close to the average.  There was a cooling period so significant between the early 1940s and the mid-1970s that "experts" issued dire warnings on the first Earth Day in 1970 that billions would die soon from massive cooling. 

Shouldn't reporters question how accurate an average global temperature could be when there are so many factors involved?

It is also an important fact to know that over the last 140 years, significant numbers of temperature-measuring stations have been moved from rural to urban areas.  It should be obvious to everyone that urban areas with more buildings and cement will be warmer than rural areas with grass and  trees.  Therefore, the results are extremely skewed toward the warmer side, and all we have is a one- to two-degree rise. 

Another fact is that crude oil use was just beginning in the late 1800s, so consumption was near zero in 1880 and is near 100 million barrels today.  Oil consumption has risen exponentially in an almost straight line up, while temperatures have fluctuated around a flat line.  Therefore, there is absolutely zero correlation between oil consumption and temperatures, let alone a causation. 

It is also absolutely irrelevant to see the reports of ice caps melting or increasing.  The Earth has had many long warming and cooling periods.  Implying that the ice caps are melting because of humans and oil consumption without showing the correlation and causation is meant to indoctrinate, not inform.  It is not factual science.

The media, including the social media oligopolists, say they are blocking anyone who lies on their platforms.  So why aren't they blocking all the people who claim that the science is settled?  Why aren't they blocking all the liars who call people like me deniers?  Not one of us denies that the climate is changing cyclically and naturally.  These liars want to cut off debate because the facts would show they are 100% wrong.

Biden talked recently about social equity for Indian tribes while simultaneously destroying them by blocking oil drilling on federal lands, which gives them huge amounts of money to feed themselves. 

Biden should change his slogan from "Build Back Better" to "Let's Make China, Russia, and Iran stronger". 

The media are cheering for all the executive orders.  Where are all the journalists complaining about a president acting like a dictator?  They continually demonized Trump as a dictator while he was trying to give the power, purse, and freedom back to the people as fast as possible, while they support Obama and Biden as they try to transfer as much power and money to the government as fast as possible.  They intentionally mislead the public as they campaign for Democrats.  In other words, they lie. 

When will supposed journalists do their jobs to research, question, and report instead of lobbying for specific agendas?  The media are the existential threat to our survival, our freedom, our prosperity, and our democracy, not climate change.

It is a true shame that we are watching a president who is trying to remake and destroy America as fast as he can while the loving journalists talk about his favorite ice cream and his pets.

Everyone should stop calling radical leftist policies progressive to mislead the public that they are forward-looking.  Policies that seek to destroy America are backward-looking and would truthfully be described as regressive, oppressive, and depressive. 

Image: max_gloin via Pixabay, Pixabay License.