Biden spokeswoman refuses to answer abortion policy questions, whips out the 'devout Catholic' card instead

Joe Biden hates to answer "hard" questions from the press.

So how's this for a typical Biden dodge?

A reporter from EWTN, a Catholic news broadcaster, asked on day one of Joe Biden's presidency what his stance would be on two longstanding U.S. laws — the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits some taxpayer dollars from bankrolling most abortions, and the Mexico City policy, which prohibits taxpayer dollars from paying for abortions abroad. 

The response?  White House press secretary Jen Psaki whipped out the "Catholic" card like a cross aimed at Dracula:

This is an amazingly obnoxious sort of non-answer.  Americans for years have watched Biden (and House speaker Nancy Pelosi, and a lot of others) play Catholic yet legislatively promote abortion, which Catholics consider a violation of the constitutional right to life, in policies that severely conflict with Catholic teaching.

Unless Biden scares up some moral courage, something he's never displayed in all his 47 years in politics, he'll scrap abortion limits in deference to his radical left supporters and then whip out the "Catholic" card once again.

He just doesn't want to tell you.  Rather than admit "who he is" and state his policy plans openly, he wants you to know he's holier than you, because he's such a "devout Catholic."  And he only answers ice cream flavor questions.

Had enough?  Anyone who cares about this stuff should.  Once upon a time, the bishops would have said something, but these days, most, too, don't do moral courage.

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