BBC caves to parental outrage, pulls video teaching youngsters there are over 100 genders

Transgenderism and the “gender identity” dogma may be the bridge too far that undermines the hard left agenda to impose a radical restructuring of reality on the media-consuming public. We live in an historical moment when the Orwell’s prophecy in 1984 is coming true, and through its absolute dominance of media, education, and the most  influential cultural organs, the left is trying to force all of us “to reject the evidence of [our] eyes and ears… [as] their final, most essential command,” as Clarice Feldman reminds us today.

Once we passively comply with what we are told by our presumed betters and believe what they tell us, there is no limit at all, especially not reality, on what we can be made to do. Absolute power in the hands of those who dominate. That must be why there is so much institutional might, so much propaganda shoved down our throats, and such harsh penalties are imposed on dissenters to the completely unscientific (i.e., false) contention that one can instantly change biological reality and become the opposite sex, merely by “identifying” as such. There are only X chromosomes and Y chromosomes, and (other than in infinitesimally rare exceptions) people come with a biologically determined pairing, determining their sex. No matter what they think or believe or “identify” as.

The BBC of the United Kingdom (supported by mandatory fees -- a euphemism for taxes), naturally assumed that after years of indoctrination that insisting on biological reality was hateful, they could put out an “educational” video indoctrinating children aged 9 to 12 that there are over 100 genders, so as to form their concept of reality following Orwell’s prediction that they would “reject the evidence of [their] eyes and ears” and become obedient servants of the Ruling Class’s version of reality.

But British parents felt otherwise, and in numbers sufficient to persuade the mandarins of the Beeb, forced the video to be (as we now say) canceled. The Christian Post reports:

The BBC has removed a controversial video that taught children between the ages of 9 and 12 that there are more than 100 gender identities after parents objected to the “educational” content.

“We are aware that this particular film is being willfully misinterpreted by parts of the media and others on social media,” the BBC said in a statement. “As such, its original purpose and intention has been overshadowed. On this basis, we have made the decision to retire the film. We will continue to support teachers on this important topic in other ways.”

The video was widely criticized in 2019 and was in the spotlight once again this week as the BBC’s educational content is being consumed more widely due to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns.

The film, which was part of a series of nine films created by BBC Teach to provide curriculum support for personal, social, and health education teachers, shows a boy asking, “What are the different gender identities?”

This is a grudging and hostile cancellation, still insisting that there is nothing wrong with the video, but that because troglodytes “willfully misinterpreted” it, it no longer serves its “original purpose.”  What that purpose is remains mysterious, as do the “misinterpretations" to which the Beeb is spinelessly caving.

Obviously, this is not a surrender, but rather a tactical retreat, and the “original purpose” remains the goal, waiting for the moment when it can be reimposed with less resistance.

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