Are facial recognition programs being used against Trump-supporters?

For four years, leftists have been on a maddened rampage of threats, anger, hatred, and actual violence.  Conservatives abided by the law.  However, since taking power in Washington, D.C., the Democrat party has a mission: it is redefining all 75–80 million Trump-supporters as white supremacists and domestic terrorists.  One person’s Facebook post suggests that merely attending the Trump rally — and having no connection with the preplanned violence at the Capitol — is enough to get you on a government list.

I wrote here about the Democrats’ violent rhetoric, which began the moment Trump became the Republican candidate in 2016.  Here’s a video collecting much of that rhetoric:

In 2020, the violence inherent in leftism exploded with the Black Lives Matter movement, especially when it became entwined with Antifa.  In Democrat-run cities across America, while many people did indeed march peacefully, thousands of them also rioted, looted, burned, assaulted, and murdered, along with destroying public art and statuary.

Minneapolis alone suffered a half-billion dollars in damage, and large swaths of Kenosha were burned to the ground.  In Portland, Antifa is still engaged in nightly violent raids against businesses, government buildings, and law enforcement officers.

Just about the only physical opposition to the violence on the ground came from a group called the Proud Boys — which the left instantly characterized as a white supremacist group.  They did so even though the Proud Boys' leader, Enrique Tarrio, is black.  We also just learned that Tarrio is an FBI informant.

That tie to the FBI does leave a person wondering if the FBI infiltrated the Proud Boys in other ways, including sending in provocateurs to try to make the organization appear violent and racist.  The FBI has not been behaving well of late, and an underhanded tactic such as this one wouldn't surprise me.  (And no, I have no proof, nor am I accusing anyone of anything.  I'm theorizing.)

And then, on January 6, between 500,000 and 1 million peaceful Trump supporters showed up in D.C. to support their and President Trump's suspicion that election fraud put Biden in the White House.  The rallies suggested that something weird was going on:

So did the data about the numbers of counties and key states the two candidates won:

Of that huge number of people, a small fraction went to the Capitol, an even smaller fraction entered the Capitol, and an even smaller fraction engaged in violent behavior.  It's that last small fraction that gave Democrats the handle they needed to claim that every Trump-supporter is a terrorist.

That dishonest contention seems to have led to what happened to someone who was in D.C. on January 6 but never went near the Capitol:

The Democrats actually intend to criminalize half the country.  This cannot end well.  The Democrats need to pull back from this behavior.

Meanwhile, their hysteria continues unabated.  Do you remember this Maxine Waters moment?

When someone hostile to Andrew "Granny Killer" Cuomo tweeted out that statement, only substituting the word "Cuomo" for the word "Trump," Democrats went insane, castigating conservatives for their dangerous incitement.  You can see a stellar collection of their hysterical responses here.  When they were informed that they were criticizing Waters's words, they doubled down.

New York State senator Diane Savino won the prize for hypocrisy with her claim that it's different when we (the Democrats) do it: "that was then and this is now, and 4 years of Trump has led to words becoming weapons. We can't just ignore them anymore, people take them as a call to violent actions."

It used to be fun and funny to say that if Democrats didn't have double-standards, they wouldn't have any standards.  Watching what's going on now, whether it's the demonization of conservatives, the GameStop debacle exposing the corruption in Wall Street and the way government supports it, leftists' insistence on make-believe genders, the radicals' forced racial divisions, and the continuing violent rhetoric, these double-standards are frightening.  When a government starts using its police power to re-frame reality, it's no longer a representative government.

Image: Leftists attack elderly woman in Portland.  YouTube screen grab.

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