About the resemblance of Biden’s DC with Hunger Games and payback.

The Hunger Games is a trilogy written by Suzanne Collins.  A blockbuster in both print and film, it is about a fictional fascist, dystopian country, Panem.  Panem is divided into twelve districts, cruelly governed by its Capitol that is populated with haute couture-adorned, tone deaf bureaucrats and a cold blooded leader.    

When the books and movies exploded and were eagerly consumed, Democrats blindly chortled, seeing Trump’s administration as the ultimate Panem.  What fools! 

In Panem, the Capitol controls all aspects of life.  It is heavily guarded and protected from the dirt poor, subjugated peons.  It broadcasts propaganda.  And to entertain the overworked, oft times dirty and usually hungry citizens, it holds and broadcasts an annual  “Hunger Games” -- the cruel fight to the death among “tributes” -- one male and one female contestant from each district.  The winner, having killed the other twenty-three contestants, is given a luxurious home and lifetime riches.

The parallels between Panem’s Capitol and Washington, D.C. right now are stunning.  Biden and the Democrat majority, on the heels of the Covid-induced locked-down, shut down America, have quickly transformed the Capitol into a punitive, heavily guarded power center.   

The Democrats scorned the wall on our southern border, erected to bolster America’s sovereignty.  Now they have the gall to erect 12-foot walls around a swath of D.C. What do they fear?

The Democrats who scream “racist” when logical, honest citizens advocate for voter ID, are now demanding identification checks and documentation to enter the city for Inauguration. 

The Democrats, who falsely decried Trump’s lack of transparency, have induced hotel chains to cancel all reservations for dates surrounding the inauguration, and are drowning out opposing dialog.    

The Democrats, who falsely claimed Trump was a rabble-rousing propagandist, have ignited a war against all Trump supporters, elected and citizen.   

The Democrats, whose battle cry has been “defund the police,” now have twenty to twenty-five thousand National Guard forces protecting DC.  

The Democrats, who persecuted, spied on and lied about Trump for over four years  and chanted “not my  president,” have the audacity to want to expel  Cruz and Hawley from Congress and all Republicans who contested the electoral vote. 

Pathetically, we have seen some Republican congresspeople vote against Trump for “conscience.”  Conscience, in this instance, is just another word for cowardice.

When social media giants squashed start-up Parler, they morally claimed it was due to violent verbiage on its site.  Eye roll, please.   Overnight, Parler had twenty million users.  Twitter declined.  Twitter didn’t care about dialog, it only cared about squashing its competition.  

Heretofore cable news behemoth Fox has likewise panicked and rearranged its lineup: its viewership has declined drastically. 

James Carville once said: Don’t get mad. Don’t get even.  Get elected and then get even.  Since we didn’t get elected, we still have power to resist.   We can resist economically.  As much as possible, ditch the credit cards.  Pay with cash.  Let the credit card cancelers take an economic hit.  Don’t patronize any sector or any establishment that censors Republicans.   Primary Republican traitors. 

Year 2022 is coming.  

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