Yes, SCOTUS, it was personal

The decision by SCOTUS not to take the Texas case was not just an abrogation of one of their few duties; it was a betrayal.  Americans have been betrayed by an institution we believed in.

The justices, as all judges do, probably want to say, "It isn't personal."  They couldn't be more wrong.  

Judge Neil Gorsuch didn't have a hard time, but the other two Trump appointees sure did.  We saw that, and we fought for them.  Many ordinary Americans demonstrated in the streets at their own physical peril; others lost their jobs supporting Justice Amy Coney Barrett and Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  These patriots didn't take the easy way out — they went out there for these people personally.  

Justice Barrett's confirmation was a great source of hope for conservatives — it meant that the last institution standing  had a chance.  A chance of standing between ordinary Americans and the globalist barbarians at our gates.

When the call came, the three justices betrayed us.

When the chips were down, they made not a single peep.  Nothing.  After all, they are home free — a guaranteed cushy deal for the rest of their lives.

The people of Texas wanted Donald Trump to be president.  So did 17 other states' people.  So did the citizens of four cities that were the core of the Democrat theft strategy: Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Philadelphia.   The complainants in the Texas suit, if they could prove their case, were deprived of the president they voted for.  This is a big loss.

Every day, the magnitude of the complainants' loss is being made more clear.  Susan Rice back in the White House?  Big Tech oligarchs everywhere?  A cross-dresser in the military leadership?  (Do you find this accurate depiction offensive?  Good!)  As soon as they thought they were home free, the snakes came out of the woodwork and made their plans clear.  The goal is clear: get the unelectable Harris into the presidency.  Biden will be out; he and his family will be the subject of horrifying revelations of a special counsel investigation that will allow Harris to inoculate herself against blame for his demise.  Globalist whispers in her ear will be the source of her policies.  All complaints against her will be racist and sexist — this worked before, and it will work again.

Instead of standing in the way of this horror show, SCOTUS, especially the three newest justices, said something my U.S. Navy captain father used to say was common parlance in the upper ranks: "Pull up the gangplank, I'm aboard."

When your brief statement was released about how Texas's loss was not "cognizable" was released, we are left with the conclusion that you succumbed to Democrat bullies that threatened to pack your precious court.  Breaking news: They will anyway.

Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett, you will have outcomes you may not see yet:

  • You will never regain your stature with the American people.  There is nothing you can do about that.
  • You will languish in comfort, personally and professionally, but you will not be respected.  There is nothing you can do about that.
  • You will have no credibility.  There is nothing you can do about that.
  • You will know how we feel even though you think we are wrong.  There is nothing you can do about that. 

Ponder on these things, and you might begin to understand how we feel.

Image: Angela N.

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