Will Washington, DC lock out Trump-supporters on January 6?

When leftists say they want to silence us, arrest us, re-educate us, and utterly and completely destroy us, they mean it.  And as we know all too well, they will use any means necessary.

This is what tyrants do.

And so, as patriots start to converge on Washington, D.C. for Trump's rally, the left is applying pressure to make it difficult for us to secure accommodations.

First up is the Hotel Harrington, which just announced that it will be closed on January 4, 5, and 6 in order to deny access to Trump-supporters.  The hotel cites concerns about the Proud Boys, who have apparently stayed at the hotel and patronized the bar during prior protests.

My guess is that this is just the beginning.

D.C. residents are lobbying other hotels, businesses, and city officials to deny service to Trump-supporters. (Maxine and her comrades must be absolutely thrilled.)

Put nothing past these totalitarians.  They are dangerous.

I wouldn't be surprised if leftists were booking flights and hotel rooms and then canceling at the last minute to make it harder for patriots to get to D.C. and have a place to stay.

And don't count out Mayor Bowser to pull some nasty trick to undermine patriots heading into the city next week.

Mayor Muriel Bowser.  (Photo credit: Lorie Shaull CC-BY-SA-4.0 license.)

I expect there will be many confrontations, threats, and attacks surrounding this protest, which we've seen all year as Trump-supporters are targeted and no one bats an eye.

If you're not planning to attend, please pray for the safety of those who will be standing with the president, daring Congress to validate a lie that would install the wrong man to the highest office of the land.

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