Will the Supreme Court ignore the stolen election?

Remember the famous football game?  It wasn't just a pass-interference infraction that caused the controversy.  It was blatant.  It was seen on live television by millions of football fans.  The pass defender virtually crawled up on top of the back of the intended receiver before the ball reached either player.  The referee saw it, right squarely in front of himself.  There was no doubt that, because of the required penalty, the game would therefore soon be won by the passing team, the team that had been illegally interfered with.

But the referee called it an incomplete pass, no interference, no penalty, in effect ending the game in favor of the team that had committed the infraction.  In football, this is referred to as a non-call.

When millions of people see a rules violation in football, and when the violation is permitted to go unpenalized, there is controversy, anger, and much discussion, after which all is soon forgotten.

When the same thing happens in a presidential election, when millions of people see the steal, and when the legislatures and courts do nothing, it is called corruption.  More than that, it is corruption so deep, so pervasive and widespread, that we are at a loss for words.

It now appears possible that Joe Biden will successfully steal the presidency from the voters.  As ludicrous as that sounds, the reality is slowly beginning to sink in.  There is no shortage of evidence; there is no lack of witnesses.  Worse yet, the consequences of the crime we are all witnessing will not be merely one team winning and the other losing.  It may well be the end of the republic, and for those who are witnessing it, there is no hyperbole in that foreboding.

The case is now before the Supreme Court, a court that seems reluctant to even hear the facts, much less acknowledge the obvious.  Why?  Are the justices afraid?  Have they been threatened?  Is the corruption so deep, so vast, so embedded, that they see no hope of success in opposing it?

There is a saying: when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.  When the government fears the people, there is liberty.

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