What the Dems really think

As Hillary Rodham Clinton so candidly admitted during a 2016 presidential campaign speech at a Democratic fundraiser, she considered at least half of Donald J. Trump's supporters "deplorables."  After she lost the presidential race, she and her oh so numerous supporters spent the next four years trying to impeach her opponent elected by these deplorables.

Four years later, a purported victory hasn't changed Democrat attitudes towards their opposition.  Or improved their language.  In a sympathetic interview published recently in Glamour magazine,  Jen O'Malley Dillon, president-elect Joe Biden's campaign manager who will now be his deputy chief of staff, described Republicans as  "a bunch of f*ckers."  

A few days later, Stephanie Cutter, an official with Biden's Inaugural Committee, praised Dillon's terminology, tweeting "Jen just had the guts to say it. Will Republicans prove her wrong? Doubt it."

Don't doubt for half a second that both of them despise non-Democrats. And many nonobedient Democrats as well.

And on Sunday, the Washington Post, whose official slogan is “Democracy dies in Darkness,” went dark, very dark with an editorial op-ed approved cartoon by Ann Telnaes, portraying the Republican officials questioning the outcome of the recent presidential election as large, ugly, dark rats.

These characterizations are not isolated incidents, nor are they mere slips of the tongue by Democrats and their lackey apologist enablers.  What they say  is merely their cleaned-up version; what the Democrats  really think of their opponents and discuss among themselves is even more condescending, much uglier.  So there will be  more, much more of that and even more ugliness from them certainly in the future.  Oh yes, they'll apologize weakly when caught, state they were misquoted, or having a bad hair day, or whine he hit me first, Trump called that nice Sen Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas and other nasties and you never complained, blah, blah.  

So remember, when the DemocRATS, especially president-elect Joe Biden, babble about postelection "unity" and "healing the country" and then pout that the Republicans just won't cooperate and be friends they really are saying shut up, don't talk, listen to the great us, be good and do what we say because your opinion is worthless as you are nothing but a deplorable, a f*cker, a rat.  And worse.

Image: Pixabay

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