We need more pro-life black pastors talking

As you know, they have a big political double-header down in Georgia.  According to Trafalgar, Senator David Perdue is in a dead heat, and Senator Kelly Loeffler leads by 3.  Both Democrats are below 50% in a two-way race.

We will see who wins on January 5.  Nevertheless, the pro-life movement scored a big victory last week.  We saw 25 black ministers call out Raphael Warnock on abortion:

They argued that "the pro-abortion movement has been characterized by racism and White supremacy since its inception," noting that Black women are five times more likely than White women to undergo such a procedure.

It's about time because abortion is indeed a real problem in the black community.

According to the article, the Warnock team is questioning the intent of the announcement.  Warnock's team says these pastors are really GOP-supporters using abortion to attack him.

Frankly, I don't have any way of getting in the heads or hearts of these black pastors.  I do know that the numbers don't lie about the abortion of black babies: 36 percent of all abortions!

It reminds me of something a black pastor told me years ago.  He wondered how much longer African-Americans will matter if they keep aborting themselves.  Our conversation was in the context of who will get the new congressional districts after the Census.  My friend saw Hispanics reproducing and African-Americans shrinking.

Again, congratulations to the pastors in Georgia for bringing up something that no one in the media asks Democrats about.

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