We have entered the Twilight Zone

With the refusal of the US Supreme Court to even hear the facts of the election fraud case, we have reached a political and societal singularity.  In physics, a singularity is a condition in which all the known laws of nature seem to break down.  In sociology, a tipping point is reached, in which the entire social order can be abruptly dismantled.  In either case, the result is unpredictable.  No one knows what will happen.  We have entered the twilight zone. 

A few months ago, what is happening now was inconceivable, an Orwellian fantasy.  No one could have believed that a presidential election could have been stolen at all, much less, stolen in plain view.  

Screengrab from Team Trump Twitter video

Worst of all, all those entrusted to safeguard the system seem to have been complicit in the crime.  The Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the courts themselves, refuse to investigate, or even listen, despite the blatant overtness of the fraud. 

Can a society survive corruption as deep and as widespread as the rot that has infested our political system? 

No doubt, those in the highest positions of power feel confident that a collapse of the present order will benefit them.  They have good reason to believe that.  They will garner unto themselves wealth and power unprecedented in human history.  Operating from the shadows, no one will hold them accountable.  Those who are in plain view will be protected by the armed might, and impenetrable technology, that this nation has produced.   

Of the ordinary citizenry, about half are hopelessly deceived and indoctrinated; like sheep to the slaughter, they will accept the supposed benevolence of tyranny.  Those who resist will soon find themselves confronting overwhelming force, not merely in the form of weapons of war, but also in the stealth technology of surveillance, and in secret methods we have yet to see unleashed. 

Most of us will never understand how this happened, and especially, how so much unexpected treachery seemed to appear among the trusted guardians of our freedoms. 


But one thing we do understand.  No nation can long continue when its institutions have become the enemy of its own people.  When the system of self-government becomes instead rule by the few, that system will become weak and vulnerable, especially to the depredations of foreign enemies. 

History has recorded the fall of many empires, but those declines have been, for the most part, slow and gradual.  Rome lasted four hundred years after Alaric sacked it.  We will not survive that long.  In the twenty-first century, things happen quickly.  In a singularity, no one, not even the powerful, can anticipate the outcome. 

We have no earthly power to turn to, for help.  There will be no America to come to our rescue.  Instead of the cavalry, there will be four horsemen.  I’m told this story ends well, but not until a heavy price has been paid.  Be strong, Americans.  Be strong. 


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