Trump tweets out a video that sums it all up so we know what we’re fighting

I made up the word “sinosization,” because “sino” means “Chinese.” We are living in a “made in China” world, which means a world with rapidly decreasing prosperity and liberty. It’s a world in which our leaders, for fame and money, or in response to being blackmailed for their sins, have sold us out to a communist nation that steals our technology, takes our jobs, drugs our citizens, exports disease, and spreads oppression and despair wherever it goes. We know this – and, finally, there is a video that sums it all up.

One of the problems with what freedom-loving Americans face today is the immensity of what’s happening. All the pieces are in place, but they got into position so incrementally, we never noticed. Still, there they are: The left controls education, the media, corporate America, and large numbers of our most powerful politicians, including many Republicans.

To define terms, when we talk about these leftists, we are talking about people who have some overarching shared values. They have disdain for our Constitution, which they view as either a dead letter or a “living” document that can be interpreted to mean everything but what it actually says.

They worship Nature with an irrational fervor not seen since pre-modern pagans made way for the Judeo-Christian doctrine. They see humans – especially those who won’t fall in line – as parasitical organisms destroying Gaia. “Scientists” are their clergy and human sacrifice, via the mechanics of the New Green Deal, is their goal.

They despise traditional Western, liberal, Judeo-Christian values. Every norm that has bound together our society while respecting the individual is in their crosshairs. Theyve overthrown the hard-fought notion that we are all children of God and replaced it with racial obsessions and have tossed to the wind the biological reality of male and female.

Ultimately, the hallmark of modern leftism is the war with reality. In the December 2020 issue of Hillsdale College’s superb Imprimis, Hillsdale’s President, Larry P. Arnn, wrote an essay comparing Orwell’s 1984 with today’s America. The analogies are chilling. The one that is most damning is the left’s insistence that we abandon reality.

Arnn describes how, after his arrest for daring to live a life independent of the government, Winston Smith assumes he’ll be executed. In fact, almost two decades before Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Winston Smith gets reeducated. What he must learn is Doublethink, which is the antithesis of fact and reason. Arnn writes:

As the first essential step of his education, Winston has to learn doublethink—a way of thinking that defies the law of contradiction. In Aristotle, the law of contradiction is the basis of all reasoning, the means of making sense of the world. It is the law that says that X and Y cannot be true at the same time if they’re mutually exclusive. For instance, if A is taller than B and B is taller than C, C cannot be taller than A. The law of contradiction means things like that.

In our time, the law of contradiction would mean that a governor, say, could not simultaneously hold that the COVID pandemic renders church services too dangerous to allow, and also that massive protest marches are fine. It would preclude a man from declaring himself a woman, or a woman declaring herself a man, as if one’s sex is simply a matter of what one wills it to be—and it would preclude others from viewing such claims as anything other than preposterous.

And it all came together in 2020. China sent us a virus and our political leaders – mostly Democrats but with a lot of help from Republican monopartiers – promptly went to work destroying our economy, laying waste to the small businesses that are the backbone of America, ensuring that unprecedented sums of money went to the corporations that work with the government (whether Walmart or Facebook), isolating us from each other, censoring our discourse, and putting the finishing touches to a decades’ long attack on election integrity.

We are now at the crisis point and we’re left confused and angry. But sometimes, there is a voice in the wilderness. Seth Holehouse might be that voice. The slow-talking, low key, relatively unknown YouTube personality put together a powerful video that President Trump broadcast via two tweets. Spend 18 minutes watching it and think long and hard about where we are now and what we can do:

Americans have stood up to tyranny before. We’re a less hardy race than our ancestors, but that doesn’t mean the fighting spirit is dead. It’s merely dormant.

More and more of us are finding the will to oppose lockdowns and business shutdowns and other impingements on our liberty, as the “elites” work to shepherd us into a sinosized world. However, we’ve seen with Gandhi and Martin Luther King the enormous power that comes when liberty-seeking people refuse to bow down to tyrants.

IMAGE: Seth Holehouse. Twitter screengrab.