Trump: '... you’ll see a lot of big things happening over the next couple of days'

If you pay close attention, it sure looks as though something is up.  I realize that conservatives have endlessly been disappointed by the failure of major scandals to result in serious investigations and revelations, much less criminal trials and convictions.  That's the new normal in corrupt 21st-century America.  Maybe I am playing Charlie Brown to Lucy Van Pelt holding the football, but hope springs eternal that the brilliant self-correcting mechanisms designed by the Founders can operate as intended.

Maybe, with prospect of apocalypse of the Great Reset looming, lips are loosening and action finally is being taken before it is too late.  Maybe it was not just overheated rhetoric when President Trump took the occasion of awarding the Medal of Freedom to Dan Gable to tell us:

YouTube screen grab (cropped).

"... I think the case has already been made. If you look at the polls, it was a rigged election. You look at the different states. The election was totally rigged. It's a disgrace to our country. It's like a third-world country — these ballots pouring in from everywhere, using machinery that nobody knows ownership, nobody knows anything about. They have "glitches," as they call them. Glitches. The glitches weren't glitches. They got caught sending out thousands of votes — all against me, by the way.

No, this was like from a third-world nation. And I think the case has been made. And now we find out what we can do about it. But you'll see a lot of big things happening over the next couple of days." [emphasis added]

Clarice Feldman points out that aside from the election fraud:

Strange stuff this week:

Swalwell unmasked

We learn that for 2 years Hunter's been under criminal investigation

We learn that for 4 years the FBI has been sitting on Seth Rich's computer and thousands of papers and lying about it

She asks:

Who blew open the FBI vaults and why now?

One thing we know is that John Durham has been at work for a long time now.

Maybe he has not been the disappointment that so many people think he is.  Remember that his investigation was seriously delayed by the inability of grand juries to meet.

Despite the corruption that seems to characterize the FBI's behavior, I suspect there are patriotic and honest FBI personnel appalled at what has been happening.  Have they been feeding evidence to Durham or others, and now with the apocalypse looming, fires have been lit?

I don't know.

But there is a sense that something is up now.  Maybe it is my forlorn desperation at work.

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