There's a message behind Buttigieg's lack of qualifications

Pete Buttigieg is only the latest in a list of unqualified cabinet appointments Biden has been making.  It's one thing to reward loyalty; it's another thing to hand Cabinet positions to useless people.  But that's really the point — that they're useless.  Biden's is a Potemkin presidency.  Neither he nor his Cabinet members will wield power.  Obama and the Deep State are the ones in charge.

Drew Holden put together a series of tweets matching the drive-by media's love affair with Pete Buttigieg as Transportation secretary with their snarling hostility to Betsy DeVos's appointment as Education secretary.  While DeVos had long been interested in education reform, Buttigieg's relationship to transportation is that he thinks airports are romantic and likes to play a board game about trains.

You can see the rest of the thread here.  I just want to stop with that issue of qualifications.

Some other Biden nominees are equally unqualified.  I don't just mean that people can disagree with the nominees' philosophies about their agencies they're set to lead.  That was the Democrats' problem with Betsy DeVos, a woman with strong ideas about education, who hoped to change the teacher's union dynamic ruining American public schools.  Likewise, they objected to Ben Carson's views about public housing, views he acquired growing up in such housing.

In the case of Biden's appointees, many are like Buttigieg in that they are unfamiliar with the job to which they're being assigned.  Take California's Attorney General Xavier Becerra, whom Biden wants has his secretary of health and human services.  Becerra has no connection to either health or human services.  He's a lawyer and a politician.  That's all.  His most important qualification is that he thinks that the government should pay for abortions.

John Kerry as the special presidential envoy for the climate is laughable.  Just three years ago, Kerry spent $11.75 million of his wife's money to buy beachfront property in Martha's Vineyard, which climatistas insist will be gone in a few years.  (It's near the Obamas' beachfront house.)  That's in addition to the other four houses and the private jet Mrs. Kerry owns and that gold-digger John happily uses.  People have lost track of Kerry's cars.

Another example of unqualified appointees is Denis McDonough, whom Biden has selected to lead the V.A.  McDonough is a lifetime office worker, not a veteran.

Biden's proudest boast about his administration picks isn't that they're good; it's that they're diverse, which answers the huge pressure coming from the left.

The Cabinet is the political equivalent of a Potemkin village.  It's just for show.  It's meant to blend the skin colors of the rainbow while rewarding politically useful people or old friends.  But that's not where the real power lies.

What became painfully clear to Trump-supporters over the last four years is that our elected government is mostly illusory.  The real power lies with the Deep State.  These people are almost impossible to fire and, as Trump discovered, if they don't like what you're doing, they will just ignore you and carry on.  While the "Resistance" on the street with the stupid pink hats was good theater, the real resistance was in every federal office in Washington, D.C.

Biden has been a good soldier, and he'll get his day in the White House.  Then he'll be moved along, and Kamala Harris will take over.  Kamala Harris is an Obama foot-soldier.  Once she's in, the Deep State — the web of bureaucrats who donate 60% of their money to the Democrat party (only Defense and Homeland Security supported Trump) — are ready, willing, and able to implement Obama's third term, and they don't need Biden's pretend Cabinet to tell them what to do.

Image created using Baby in a retro green car (royalty-free from Pickpik) and a Gage Skidmore photo of Pete Buttigieg (CC BY-SA 2.0).

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