The Seattle public schools accuse teachers of 'spirit'-murdering black kids

Educating children is a straightforward business: all children should learn the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic, American history, and civics.  (A second language is nice, too.)  Academically oriented children can continue with classroom learning, while children with practical interests can learn a trade.  But indoctrinating children — that's different.  It requires a lot of work, especially if you want to ensure that black children end up uneducated and deeply hostile to the rest of America.  Seattle, though, is willing to give it a try.

The Democrat party, which was formed in 1828, quickly became the party of foul racial obsessions that harm black Americans.  Once slavery ended, the Democrats switched to Jim Crow, the KKK, eugenics, and the destruction of the black family.  The racial obsessions now take the form of a sick, obsessive "love" that is precisely like the toxic love a parent with a severe personality disorder visits upon a helpless child.

The latest Democrat effort comes from the Seattle Public Schools system.  Christopher F. Rufo, who is the go-to guy for toxic applications of Critical Race Theory around America, has a doozy this time.  When you read this Twitter thread, you will understand that, once again, Democrats are harming black children.  If you want to uplift children of any race who live a marginal life, teach them the basics and then see how they blossom.  If you want to destroy children, the following is a road map:

In addition to depriving children of a decent education, this kind of racial obsession drives a stake into the heart of the American experiment.  After a rough start, where we had to learn that the Constitution's principles are universal and apply to all people, America became the most successful nation in the history of the world.  Additionally, in the years leading up to Obama's election, America was the least racist country in the world.

Since that election, though, the Democrat party's racial obsessions, which it sees as a pathway to permanent political power, have riven America.  The above lessons move us ever closer toward a racially stratified geographical entity that can never join together to become a functioning nation.  The Democrats' short-term power-grab will inevitably lead to a long-term national collapse — and China is patiently waiting.

Image: Seattle School District acknowledges land theft.  Twitter screen grab.

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