The man who said the election was the most secure ever didn't know about a massive government hack by foreign actors?

Let me get this straight:

The media and other Democrats absolutely believe the now fired Christopher Krebs, who had been the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, when he said the U.S. election was the most secure ever.

Yet, somehow, Russia or someone was hacking computers at many government agencies, under Krebs's watchful eyes, for months, and yet he either didn't know or did nothing to stop it.  

It doesn't appear that Mr. Krebs or his agency did an analysis of the Dominion Voting Systems machines to find out whether they had capacity to flip votes, so why does anyone believe him when he says the election was the most secure ever?  

Does anyone believe that the Russians or other hackers have the ability to break into computers throughout government, but didn't want to do it on voting machines?

Why isn't it in the news that a forensic audit of voting machines in Michigan showed a 68% error rate, forcing "bulk adjudication of ballots" by officials, which must be done by hand?  Does anyone think that only that county had that problem?

The clear reason that so few supposed news outlets report about the clear evidence of fraud is because they just repeat the talking points that there was no fraud.  They like judges who refuse to hear the evidence and just rule by fiat. 

They don't care about all the whistleblowers who are willing to testify to fraud throughout the United States.

All they care about is that the candidate they campaigned for and buried information for won.

They clearly don't care about a free and fair election, or basic electoral integrity. 

It is more evident every day that it is the media that are the greatest existential threat to our freedom, prosperity, democracy, and survival as a great country because all they care about is power for Democrats trying to implement radical leftist policies that will destroy us and leave us vulnerable to the Russians, Iran, and China.

The fact that they couldn't ask a simple question of the man they have lionized as a supposed truth-teller on U.S. elections, while hackers from some foreign country have had a field day, tells us all we need to know.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain.